YANK CBI 1943 12 25 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 21 … Cover: For Christmas, it seems, both Santa Claus and Pvt. Snafu have decided to give their services to the paratroopers. As you can see, they have been accepted. The sculpture is the work of S/Sgt. Ray Harryhausen and the photography is by S/Sgt. Jack Hageny, both of the Army Pictorial Service, producers of the Army and Navy Screen Magazine. ……. Articles Inside: Russia’s Great Offensive – The Red Army’s big attack, which has been blazing along an 1,800-mile front since July 12, is probably the most impressive display of military power in history. ….. Calypso in Trinidad ….. Lease-Loaned Yanks – These GIs Were Farmed Out to the British Army in Syria by Sgt. Ed Cunningham ….. Ex-GIs at West Point – One hundred and seventy-seven former enlisted men – 13 of them from overseas – are taking basic training again as “Dumbjohns” in the Military Academy’s largest plebe class. By Pvt. Tom Shehan ….. Yanks Visit an Abandoned Pacific Base, Seeking Buried Supplies and Live Japs by Cpl. Hertz Rosenbaum ….. Airfield in Sudan Guarantees Free Worship and the Right of Way ….. Betsy Ends Her Glorious Career As Oldest Panama Barrage Balloon. By Pvt. William Tusher ….. Iran Cooties Share Top Billing With Marx Brothers at the Movies by Sgt. Al Hine ….. The Mounted Medics Gallop From Hospital to Town. By Pvt. John F. McLeod ….. Army’s ‘Wrong-Way’ Corrigan Returns to the States by Mistake ….. ENSA, the British USO-Camp Shows, Entertains Tommy and His Allies. By Pvt. Irwin Shaw ….. Attu’s Oldest Newspaper. By Cpl. Larry McManus ….. Variety Show – Produced by the Cameras of the World ….. The Sad Sack “Morale Show” by Sgt. George Baker ….. What’s Your Problem? ….. Strickly GI ….. News From Home – What Goes on in Your Own Home State ….. Words Across the Sea ….. Mail Call ….. News From Home ….. YANK Pin-up Girl : Betty Grable ….. Lullaby. By Sgt. Charles E. Butler ….. Evening Report ….. Word Shuffle ….. Sports Round-Up – College Football Scoreboard ….. Sports: Harmon, in Tough Spots Before, May Turn Up Safe. By Sgt. Dan Polier ….. Cartoons