YANK BR 1945 03 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 38 ……. Cover: Down in the concrete tunnel of a fort captured from the Germans on the Western Front, Pvt. William J. Hagan of Carthage, Mo., writes a letter to his girl. Sitting here on a straw-covered floor and writing with a light shielded by a ration box his thoughts carry him far from this foreign winter. Photo by Signal Corps ……. What You Can Expect of Air Travel After the War ……. Articles Inside: …

A talk with some Japs – In a Philippine PW camp a YANK correspondent with an interpreter interviews Jap prisoners to find out what they think about war, us, baseball and their Emperor. By Sgt. H. N. Oliphant and Sketches By Sgt. Robert Greenhalgh

GI Questions from GIs – What soldiers want to know is how their Bill of Rights works. YANK untangles some problems stated in letters to the editor.

Negros in Combat – When you’re under battle conditions and It’s a toss-up whose neck is next, there isn’t any worrying about the differences in the color of your skins; at least thats what Negro GIs learned on two European fronts. In France By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin and In Italy By Sgt. August Loeb. Photo by Pfc. Pat Coffey

Air Travel After the War – The aviation industry promises a New York-to-London trip in 12 hours to cost the passengers only 4 cents a mile. By Pfc. Ira Henry Freeman and Photo By Sgt. John Frano

Marseilles By Pvt. Howard Katzander

Picnic on the Kinugawa Maru – These pictures, by YANK’s Sgt. Dil Ferris, were taken during an offshore party by five Red Cross girls and 10 GIs, exploring a Jap ship that was sunk trying to land troops at Guadalcanal.

Strictly G.I.

Kindly Let All Those Who Are Going Out First By Sgt Burtt Evans

News from Home

The Sad Sack “Double Trouble” by Sgt. George Baker

Mail Call

Indoor Season – It’s going full blast with boxing, wrestling, basketball and an imported game called Jai-Alai.

Sports – Mr. MacPhail, Don’t Forget the Old Yankees. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

YANK Pin-up Girl: Frances Vorne

Yanks in the ETO

The Count