YANK BR 1945 02 25 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 37 ……. Cover : Monte Cassino Abbey ….. Bonifacio Borghini, a Benedictine monk of the Abbey of Monte Cassino, walks toward the Abbey’s entrance at the northwest corner. Fra Borghini, with several other monks of the Order, lives in rooms of former Abbey Collegium and is working to restore, as much as possible, thousands of manuscripts that once belonged to the Abbey’s four celebrated libraries. More Cassino pictures will be found on pages 8-13. Photo by Pvt. George Aarons ( Cover Description Taken From USA Edition ) ……. Pictures of the Ruins of Cassino – One Year After ……. Articles Inside: …

Escape at Laroche – Two Yanks play hide-and-seek with the German Army and get back to their own outfits in time to eat New Year’s dinner. By Sgt. Ed Cunningham with Sketches By Sgt. Robert Greenhalgh

Return to Luzon – Most of the Japs who should have been waiting on the beaches weren’t and the Yanks landed almost without opposition. By Sgt. Ozzie St. George …..

Jeeps and Vodka – The Russians have a way with both, say these 3 GIs back from the Soviet. By Sgt. Earl Anderson

Buzz-Bombs over Broadway. Predicted by Cpl. Bill Hennefrund. Depicted by Pfc. Tom Flannery

Cassino – One Year After ( Six Page Photo Report )

YANK Pin-up Girl: Hilda Simms

News from Home

The Sad Sack “Man Handled” by Sgt. George Baker

Mail Call

YANK’s AFN Radio Guide – Highlights for the week of Feb. 25


What’s Your Problem?

Sports – Take a Quote, Please. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

Yanks in the ETO

The Count

Can You Give Me A Smoke, Soldier?