YANK BR 1945 02 04 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 34
Cover: Russian Soldier. Photo by Planet. ……. The Red Air Force Packs A Front-Line Wallop. See Pages 6 and 7
Articles Inside:

Forced March – The men of the Yankee Division had just started to relax in Metz when the order came for a hurried push north. Within three days they were driving the Germans back across the Sure River, some 70 miles away. By Sgt. Joe McCarthy with Sketches by Sgt. John Scott

Jottings from Germany –and elsewhere on the Western Front. Random sketches from a notebook compiled by Sgt. John Scott, YANK Staff Artist, during the struggle against the Nazis in recent months.

Russia’s Front-Line Air Force – One of the few outsiders who has ever seen the Red Army in action tells of the hand-in-glove support it receives from planes, which at times resemble a swarm of midges and at others virtually double as tanks. By Sgt. James Dugan with photo by Alexander Stakovitch

Burma War – …out of the jungles into the cities. By Sgt. Dave Richardson

Landing at Ormoc – In the 77th Division’s jump up Leyte’s coast, there was plenty of walking for the infantry and plenty of work for the medics. By Sgt. Bill Alcine

Alaska Rescue Mission ( C-47 Crashes on Mount McKinley ) Photos by Sgt. John M. Greany

YANK Pin-up Girls: Eve Whitney, Helen O’Hara, Elaine Shepard, Kay Booth and Noreen Roth

News from Home

The Sad Sack “Enemy Territory” by Sgt. George Baker

Mail Call

YANK’s AFN Radio Guide – Highlights for the week of Feb. 4

Ringside Sketches – On-the-scene drawings of the Allied Boxing Championships in Rome by Pvt. David Shaw, YANK artist.

Sports – The Yawkey Air Force. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

Yanks in the ETO

The Count

What’s Your Problem?