YANK BR 1944 12 31 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 29 ……. When The TDs Went Panzer Hunting In Germany. Pages 2 and 3 ……. Cover: Rest Camp, France ……. Articles Inside: …

“The Spearhead’s” TDs – Laced together by replacements, the outfit had come a long way since the surf of Normandy, and now, under a German moon, the corporal still wanted to attack. By Sgt. Frank Woolner with sketches by Jack Coggins

Up the Hard Way – Sgt. John Shelby was busted four times but won a battlefield commission. In North Africa, Sicily and Western Europe he proved he has what it takes. By Sgt. Bill Davidson

The Major and the Private – When the Major wasn’t looking for his outfit, he was looking for action– any kind, anywhere. He also liked to look for Germans he could take prisoner. That’s part of how he arid the QM Private happened to liberate a French town–and how the Private happened to win the Silver Star. ( Maj. Charles W. Ketterman and Pvt. Ernest Jenkins ) By Sgt. Saul Levitt with sketch by Sgt. John Scott ….. Into the Rhineland – Here is a glimpse of Germany’s industrial and cultural heart, the area where our forces are now engaged in what may be a decisive battle in the west.

Allied Battle Line-Up in the West

Women in Industry – Will the gal who has your job keep on working after the war or does she think her place is in the home? The answer seems to vary with the lady in question. By Cpl. Margaret Davis

Playtime in the Pacific ( Entertainment for the 7th Inf. Div. )

YANK Pin-up Girl: Rita Daigle

News of the Year – More than ever before, perhaps, the year was one of hopes and fears back in the States. From day to day, much of the big news was being made by Americans, but they were Americans in far-away countries and the home folks thought of places like Leyte and Strasbourg more often than they did of towns in their own counties. The civilian population may have faltered at times, but the nation came through in the crises. By Sgt. H. H. Lyons

The Sad Sack “Guests” by Sgt George Baker

Mail Call

YANK’s AFN Radio Guide for Week of Dec. 31

1944 All-American College Team

GI All-American Team – 1944

Yanks in the ETO: The Newcomer. By Pvt. Daniel R. Gilgannon, Third Set of Tenants. By Sgt. Dewitt Gilpin

What’s Your Problem?

YANK Cartoons