YANK BR 1944 12 10 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 26 ……. How U.S. Military Government Works In Germany. Pages 2, 3 and 4 ……. Cover: Fighter Pilot Back From Germany – 1st Lt. Vernon R. Richards, of Feltsmills, N. Y., an 8th AAF fighter pilot with a record of 2 Nazi planes downed and 3 1/2 destroyed on the ground, relaxes after a seven-hour grind escorting heavy bombers over Germany. On the back of his hand, in writing which a lick of the tongue will eradicate in case of trouble, is the capsule information needed by pilots on such missions. ……. Articles Inside: …

…No Place for Sentiment – The military government organization in Aachen was more or less off an experiment, according to the American officers there, which might become the blueprint for the occupation of other cities later on. How it worked in the early days of the first crossing of the Reich border is told on these pages. By Sgt. Mack Morriss

The End of the Line – Telephone wires are more than mere lines of communication to the men of a Ranger Battalion moving forward into action. By Pvt. Justin Gray

“MR. J.J.” – Like several million GIs, John J. Marke, subject of His Majesty the King, was yanked out of a comfortable civilian life and sent to war. Like soldiers in most any army, he gripes about the food, the lack of mail, and tries to get out of details. What’s important is that “Mr. J. J.” fights like a demon and makes a hell of a good sergeant. By Sgt. Bill Davidson

Evacuation of Kweilin – U. S. forces destroyed this airbase in southeastern China and withdrew along with thousands of civilian refugees before the advancing Jap armies. By. Sgt. Lou Stoumen

War Worker – Here is a report on on average guy in a war plant. He works, rests and plays like we used to and he isn’t getting rich. By Sgt. Al Hine

Variety Show – Produced by the Cameras of the World …..

YANK Pin-up Girl: Lauren Bacall

News from Home

Details of New Jet Fighter Plane

The Sad Sack “Double Trouble #2” by Sgt George Baker

Mail Call

YANK’s AFN Radio Guide for Week of Dec. 10

Pro Football

Sports: Young Robeson Follows in His Father’s Footsteps. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

Yanks in the ETO: Replacement On Pass. By Cpl. D. A. Gordon, This Is America

What’s Your Problem?

YANK Cartoons