YANK BR 1944 11 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 22 ……. Aachen Reminded Some People of Stalingrad. See Pages 2 and 3 ……. Cover: Clean-Up Western Front ……. Articles Inside: …

Aachen was like Stalingrad – There were the same house-to-house and room-to-room fighting, the same combat techniques. One observer who had been in both places said that the two battles were very similar, even to the German fanatics defending the cities. It was even more similar to one Nazi who had escaped from Stalingrad, fought at Aachen, and whose days of “fanaticism” were now finished. By Sgt. Bill Davidson

Close-ups of the Front: The Pillbox – It became the symbol of a peaceful world… By Pvt. William P. Ehling; A Day’s Rest – It meant 24 hours of shellfire… By Sgt. Saul Levitt; The German – “I Like to Play at War…” By Cpl. Joseph Priestley

Berchtesgaden 0-0000 or If the phone goes buzz-buzz-buzz- Hang Up….It’s Hitler. By Sgt. Sanderson Vanderbilt

Home Towns in Wartime: San Francisco, Calif. by Cpl. Angus Corley

Bomber + Bomber = Bomber – When a Liberator crashed on the runway of a Fifteenth AAF base in Italy, pessimists Lt. Harry Langham and T/Sgt. Vernon Shaffer waited for another crash and left the wreck untouched. A month later, a second B-24 smashed up nearby. Optimists Langham and Shaffer built a new plane out of the two wrecks. And it flew.

Yanks in the ETO: Sawdust Commandos

Western Front ( Photo Pages )

YANK Pin-up Girl: Dusty Anderson

News from Home

The Sad Sack “Mechanized War” by Sgt George Baker

Mail Call

YANK’s AFN Radio Guide for Week of Nov. 12

Underdogs on Top ( California 6; UCLA 0 )

Sports: So you know Football? Then try this, easy quiz. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

Kiwis in Italy – How New Zealand veterans ate rabbit stew, seized a German house, buried their dead and moved one hill nearer home. By Sgt. James P. O’Neill

YANK Cartoons