YANK BR 1944 10 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 17 ……. Symbol of Allied air forces’ strategic bombing of German transportation and industry. ……. Cover: Along the Moselle-And Into the Siegfried Line.. Pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 ……. Articles Inside: …

Fighting Our Way into Germany…through Alsace-Lorraine…into the Siegfried Line – YANK correspondent Sgt. Saul Levitt traveled with the American troops across France, through Alsace-Lorraine, and into the Siegfried Line. An account of some of the battles, and the men who fought them, appear on the following four pages. Of the violent fighting along the Moselle River, Sgt. Levitt wrote in his dispatch.

Strategic Bombing….as planned. By Sgt. Samuel W. Taylor

Unmilitary Training – Army plans to to build up study, and sports and cut down drill in daily routine of GIs stuck in inactive theaters after the defeat of Germany. By Pfc. Ira H. Freeman

Yanks in the ETO. The Brassiere Boys. By Tom Bernard Sp. (X) 1c, USNR; Keeping Clean in France.

GI Horseplay – In Egypt and In Italy

YANK Pin-up Girl: Belita

News from Home

The Sad Sack “The Bulletin Board” by Sgt George Baker

Mail Call

Here is our Official Demobilization Card

YANK’s AFN Radio Guide for Week of Oct. 8

The Wonder Team ( St. Louis Browns )

Sports: Down South it’s Tech and Tulane. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

Home Towns in Wartime: Washington, D.C. by Sgt. Merle Miller

GIs From Brazil. By Cpl. Jud Cook

YANK Cartoons