YANK BR 1944 08 27 (PDF)


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Vol. 3 No. 11 ……. Cover: “Kamerad!” The jig is up for this Nazi officer and a couple of MPs intend to see it stays that way. ……. 4-Day Diary From a Brittany Front – See pages 2 to 4 ……. Articles Inside: … The Big Express – The American military machine rolled irresistibly into Brittany — south, east and west. Cogs in the machine wore out and men groused when they paused for a cigarette, but when someone up the road yelled, “Let’s go !” the machine rolled forward again. Here’s a four-day report from one sector of the big drive, written by a YANK correspondent who went along with the troops and saw the great plan unfold. By Sgt. Saul Levitt ….. What Will You Wear After the War? By Sgt. Al Hine and Sgt. Ralph Stein ….. Guadalcanal Goes Garrison – Vegetables grow on battlefields, you get gigged for not saluting and there are 150 theaters. The men who fought there two years ago wouldn’t know the place. By Sgt. Barrett McGurn ….. Making Stuff where it’s Needed By Pvt. Howard Katzander ….. LIFE Goes to a Party By Sgt. Ray Duncan ….. Yanks in the ETO – That Decadent Democracy – Three Against Forty ….. Roman Holiday – The Mussolini Stadium, built by the chunky Duce back in 1939 to house (he thought) post-war Olympic Games, had its opening big show when GIs, changing its name to Il Foro D’ltalia, held the finals of the Allied Track and Field Championships. The meet, photographed by Sgt. George Aarons, was not so fancy as the Penn Relays, but a Gl crowd of 25,000 got its money’s worth. ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Mildred Cowles ….. News from Home ….. The Sad Sack “Lost and Found” by Sgt George Baker ….. Mail Call ….. Sgt. Pete Paris ( KIA on D-Day ) ….. Duration Heavyweights – The heavyweight situation has gone to pot since Joe Louis and Billy Conn entered the Army. All that’s left is a collection of 4-Fs and overgrown light-heavyweights who are fighting among themselves for the duration championship…… Sports: Unsolved Mystery of Babe Dahlgren. By Sgt. Dan Polier ….. Sports Service Record ….. Targets in Japan ( Map ) ….. The Soldier Speaks : “What should we do with the Germans and Japs after the war?” ….. YANK Cartoons