YANK BR 1944 07 09 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 4
Cover: Soldiers belong to the 801st Airborne Ordnance Maintenance Company distributing food to French locals. The young lady is Jeanne LEONNARD. She is there with her brother Jean and sisters Marie and Marguerite.
North of St. Lo; the 9th AAF and the 79th Division; Week of War in Europe and the Southwest Pacific ……. Articles Inside: North of St. Lo – There were German troops all around, and soon there would be fighting. But now the men were freshly shaven and had their first clean clothes since D-Day, and they were in a mood for talking in their foxholes about what had happened to them since they’d landed in France, and about their friends who had been ruled out of the last big problem. ….. Air Support For The 79th – The American 79th Division had fought its way to the base of a hill heavily fortified by the Germans, and had flowed around it toward the outskirts of Cherbourg. Jerry still used the position to pepper our rear, however, and that’s where the fighter-bombers of the 9th AAF came into the picture, thereby setting up one of the better examples of ground-air coordination in this war. By Sgt. Bill Davidson ….. A Week of War – In case anybody’d forgotten, this was global warfare in earnest. Allied fronts in France, Russia and Italy were moving closer to Festung Europa, and in the Southwest Pacific all avenues that led to Tokyo were being utilized by the Americans, British and Chinese. ….. “Big Friend” – There was nothing remarkable in the relationship of the chubby bumblebee fighter and the crippled Fort, and it happened many times before in this theaterbut some day the crew of a certain B-17 would like to meet the P-47 pilot .who helped them home, and maybe stand treat at the local pub. It would be a nice way to cement a beautiful friendship, they think. By Saul Levitt and Artwork by Sgt. John Scott ….. Yanks in the ETO – Seven Divisions ….. Papuan Infantry ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Ella Raines ….. News from Home ….. The Sad Sack “Rear Guard” by Sgt George Baker ….. Mail Call ….. YANK’s AFN Radio Guide for Week of July 9 ….. Sports Parade ….. Sports: Eagan, Old AEF Champ, Frowns on Pro Boxing. By Sgt. Gene Slutz ….. Sports Service Record ….. Alaska Highway Gets Discharged By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers ….. “Somewhere in the Caribbean” By Cpl. Jud Cook ….. YANK Cartoons