YANK BR 1944 05 14 (PDF)



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Vol. 2 No. 48 ……. Cover: Yank and Wounded Chinese Soldier in Burma ……. Landing in Burma with Cochran’s Air Commandos – See pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 ……. Articles Inside: …

Burma Air Invasion – An eyewitness report from a YANK correspondent who landed 150 miles behind the Japanese lines with Col. Phil Cochran’s glider and transport flyers in one of the most daring airborne attacks of the war.

Houses of Italy – They are dark and dingy but GIs at the Cassino front won’t forget how comfortable life was behind their thick walls when the German shells were thundering outside. By Sgt. Newton H. Fulbright

Assault – This is a fiction story based on fact. Moreover, it is one Gl’s tribute to the Paddlefeet who will help carry the grimy burden of war to Hitler’s occupied Europe. Mostly, however, it’s a story about a soldier who might be any one of millions. By Sgt. Paul Conant and Sketches by Sgt. John Scott

An Indian Boy in Iran – The Chief was just an American sergeant who hailed from the Sioux reservation near Poplar, Montana. But to 600 Kurd tribesmen, he was a sort of patron saint who had the magic of healing in his hands. A rare saga of GI life in a remote part of the world, that shows what happens when a guy sets out to help his friends. By Cpl. James P. O’Neill

Yanks at Home in the ETO

Another Step – The American clean-up in the Admiralty Islands, photographed by YANK’s Cpl. Bill Alcine.

The Sad Sack “Sucker” by Sgt. George Baker

YANK Cartoons

News From Home

Mail Call

YANK’s AFN Radio Guide for Week of May 14

What’s the Deal on the New Soldier-Vote Law?

Sports: So You Know Sports? Then Try This Easy Little Quiz. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

Transport Maghakian’s Revenge – This Marine Raider has never forgotten a certain bunch of Japs who put scars on his back in 1939 ( Sgt. Victor Maghakian ). By Sgt. Merle Miller

YANK Pin-up Girl: Gale Robbins