YANK BR 1944 05 07 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 47 ……. Cover: Military Courtesy ……. Articles Inside: …

Evac Nurses – Wherever our fighting men go, the nurses of the U.S. Army accompany them. To be able to bring the best hospital facilities and medical treatment to GIs on the battlefields, these women of an evacuation hospital work and live under field combat conditions in the U. K.

The Return of Robert Brown – It was Air Sea Rescue “which just happened to be around at the time” that pulled Robert Brown out of the sea; it was British medical skill that kept him alive, and then it was the U.S. Army medical arm that brought him along the road to recovery. None of these things separately was a miracle but, taken together, they made this story a revelation of the organized life-saving power that rides along with Allied arms. By Sgt.s. Robert Arbib and Joseph Klasen

Home Towns in Wartime: New Orleans, La. By S/Sgt. Mel Schifter

His Majesty’s Submarines – Day after day, for nearly five years now, British submarines have slid quietly out of their bases into the unknown depths of the world’s five oceans. These grimy little craft with their unkempt, beaded crews are unglorified, unsung. Yet every day and night German and Japanese ships are sunk, German harbors are mined, and enemy sea lines cut. And every once in a while some of the subs receive decorations and a few lines in the newspapers. Here, aboard one of the “S” class, YANK’s Cpl. Jack Coggins sketches the men who have won the Silent Battle of the Deep.

Landing on Los Negros – In the Admiralties, troopers of the 1st Cavalry Division showed that they could fight on foot in the jungle as well as our toughest infantrymen. By Cpl. Bill Alcine

Yanks at Home in the ETO

Where would you rather be in this war…

The Sad Sack “Spam” by Sgt. George Baker

YANK Cartoons

News From Home

Mail Call

We Still want to know…Who Belongs to These Pictures!

Sports Round-Up

Sports: Take to the Hills, Meni Giants, Dodgers Feuding. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

Happy Hunting – Not all anti-U-boat hunts, are filled with excitement. Sometimes the missions are long and dull and even the comfortably designed Sunderland flying boats don’t prevent you from becoming tired and bored—unless you can stand anything as long as you’ve got steak and eggs. By Sgt. Walter Peters

YANK Pin-up Girl: Martha O’Driscoll