YANK BR 1944 02 20 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 36 ……. Cover: Wave at Work ……. Articles Inside: …

Lane County Makes Post-War Jobs. By Sgt. H. N. Oliphant …..

Raid on the Marshalls – The first correspondent to fly in an attack on that Jap base tells how his B-25 blasted the enemy with its 75-mm gun. By Cpl. Larry McManus …..

Life of an RTO – RTO means Railway Traffic Officer — and you don’t have to be an officer to be one. In this case he’s a corporal, one of whose headaches is to make sure that American soldiers don’t get lost, strayed or stolen in the web of British railways. But there’s always one guy out of a trainful who will end up in Liverpool asking, “Is this Edinburgh?” By Cpl. Irving Swerdlow

The Old One-Two Punch in Italy – While the Rangers threw a left hook around the German flank and staged a surprise landing south of Rome…the tired doughboys in the mountains north of Naples went back up to the lines and smashed a right to the body. By Sgt. Burtt Evans

Things To Do On A Day Off – Round-the world glimpses of what fighting men ( and some of the gals, too ) are up to in their spare moments.

YANK Pin-up Girl: Carole Gallagher

Yanks at Home in the ETO

News From Home

Mail Call

Night Sky ( Poem ) By T/3 Leslie A. Goldman

Sports: Frankie Frisch Lost His Nerve In Alaska. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

The Sad Sack “Hungry” by Sgt. George Baker

For Men Only, or Saturday Night in a WAC Billet

The German Fleet …A Brief Review By Cpl. Jack Coggins

YANK Cartoons