YANK BR 1943 12 26 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 28 ……. Cover: “God Rest Ye Merrie Gentlemen ……. Articles Inside: A Christmas Story By Sgt. Nathan Asch ….. In Italy the Password Was “Bronx Park Express” By Sgt. Newton H. Fulbright ….. About Tanks, Snipers and Gals By Sgt. Jack Foisie ….. Tankers in Tunisia – These combat stories, told by the men of the Armored Forces in North Africa last April when the going was tough, should be read by every GI in the Army. ….. This is What Happened – Part of the true log of a mission to Bremen, by the Lead Navigator of a formation of Flying Forts. By 1st Lt. Harry H. Crosby ….. Yanks at Home in the ETO ….. Battle of Germany – Waging the most destructive air offensive in history, RAF and Eighth Air Force planes are outbombing the Luftwaffe at a rate of 200 tons of explosives to one. ….. Visit to Fiji ( Photo Report ) ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Ramsay Ames ….. News From Home ….. The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker ….. Mail Call ….. G.I. Melodies ….. Bertelli Didn’t Make This All-American – Six Enlisted Men On GI All-American ….. Every Man Is A Story – If you are wondering how your picture came to be splashed all over the front page of your home town newspaper, here’s the way the Army did it. More than 2,000 stories, all about individual G.I.s, go back each week to the U.S. from the ETO. And most of the time, they get there even faster than V-mail. No matter where you are, these soldier-reporters will find you. By Sgt. Bill Davidson ….. Cartoons