YANK BR 1943 10 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 16 ……. Cover: Home-Made Knife – Pfc. Raymond San Juan, a full-blooded Indian from Albuquerque, N. Mex., holds a “home-made” weapon at the Ranger and Combat School in Hawaii. Before “students” were graduated, they were required to fashion an original weapon capable of killing a man. San Juan’s seems able to do that. ……. General Marshall’s Biennial Report on the Army ……. Articles Inside: General Marshall Reports ….. Fiji Fighter – Born to the jungle, he can stick a knife in your back before you know he is on the same island, covers 30 miles a day over tough terrain, often has five “wives” and admires Joe E. Brown. By Sgt. Merle Miller ….. Yanks at Home in the ETO ….. Yanks at Home Abroad ….. Yanks Free Chinese Workers Brought by Japs to New Georgia By Sgt. Mack Morriss ….. This Chaplain Ducks Bullets, And Finds No Atheists In Foxholes ( Chaplain Edward Connelly ) By Sgt. Dave Richardson ….. Susie and Mata Looked Alike But Susie Was Male, Mata Was Not By Sgt. Ken Abbott ….. Nazis Don’t Like Goums – Their favorite pastime is slitting Nazi throats. They slashed a few in Sicily and then moved northward in the invasion vanguard which went to Corsica. A little more blood flowed there from a few more Nazi necks. By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin ….. A Week of War – With the Russians almost to Poland, the old names were beginning to be heard again. This time they would be heard in reverse order from the last time. ….. GI Railroad – Two Yanks Take Over A Line in North Africa ( Photo Report ) By Pvt. Irwin Shaw ….. News From Home ….. New York – Hello and Goodbye! ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Frances Rafferty ….. Sports: Washington Huskies May Go Rose Bowlin’ By Sgt. Dan Polier ….. The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker ….. Artie Greengroin PFC – The Ordeal of Artie ….. Mail Call ….. “Sing, You Soldier!” By Sgt. Bill Davidson ….. Blackjack – It Knocks Out Everyone But The Dealer ( Card Expert John Scarne ) By Allen Churchill Y3c ….. Cartoons