YANK BR 1943 09 05 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 12 ……. Cover: After the Raid … Marauder pilots discussing their attack on France whose coast they left less than half an hour before this photo was taken. ……. Articles Inside: Soldiers and Silk ( Parachutes ) ….. Gun – The Story of a 105-mm howitzer, serial number 1008, and the men who fired it in Texas and Pine Camp and then for keeps in Sicily. By Sgt. Walter Bernstein ….. Yanks at Home Abroad ….. Head Hunters Drop War Drums For Boogie Woogie as GI Band Jumps By Sgt Ed Cunningham ….. Come Home Wearing a Crutch and Get a Welcome Like Sgt. York ….. Three Chinese GIs Sent to Fight Against European End of the Axis. By Sgt. Ken Abbott ….. If Cleopatra Was Still There, She’d Like GI Jive By Sgt. Al Kline ….. GI Cowboys In South Pacific Round Up Creamed Beef on Hoof. By Sgt. Arthur Barschdorf ….. Yanks at Home in the ETO ….. Strictly G.I. ….. New Fifth Army Insignia ….. Enemy Weapons No. 1 – German Side Arms ( Luger and Walther Pistol ) ….. A Week of War – A Pithie Unpleasaunt Comedie Intituled The Masque Of Kinges or A Figgo For Puttinge Powder Neath The Walles, as has been diverse times perform’d bye the Lorde High Executioner his Seruants. ….. Streamlining the Foreign Legion ( Photo Report ) ….. News From Home ….. The Phantom Platoon – When Roger Britt, the meek OCS Student, called these men to attention, all the generals and colonels in the Army were not able to make them stand at ease. ( YANK Fiction ) By O/C Ray Duncan ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Ava Gardner ….. Sports: The Story of a Baseball Cap That Went Off to War By Sgt. Dan Polier ….. The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker ….. Artie Greengroin PFC – Artie The Fag-Buyer ….. Mail Call ….. A-36 Invader – This new and powerful fighter-bomber terrorized the enemy in Sicily By Sgt. Pete Paris ….. Psychology for the Fighting Man – What causes panic and mental breakdowns in the Army? Here’s an interesting discussion of such problems in straight, simple language. ….. A Few Tips On How To See In the Dark ….. Cartoons