YANK BR 1943 08 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 7 ……. Cover: Paratrooper. ……. Articles Inside: One Down…One To Go! By Sgt. Harry Brown ….. Negro Fighters’ First Battle – It was just a routine engagement between P-40s and German planes before the invasion of Sicily but it was a historic event — the first time Americans of this race met the enemy in aerial warfare. By Pvt. Irwin Shaw ….. Yanks at Home in the ETO ….. Strictly G.I. ….. People in Sicily Ask Americans Why They Didn’t Come Sooner By Sgt. Pete Paris ….. A Week of War – The Russians, of course, were pleased to know that Mussolini took a header, but they were so busy around Orel that they hadn’t time to give the matter much thought. ….. Shipped – Sgt. Dick Hanley, YANK’s Cameraman, Records Life Aboard A Troop Transport Crossing the Pacific ….. News From Home ….. The New Tax Bill By Cpl. Richard Paul ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Eleanor Parker ….. Sports: Whirly Had To Lick Fear To Become A Great Horse ….. The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker ….. Artie Greengroin PFC – One Roll Artie ….. Mail Call ….. The Sweetheart of Co. D ( Fiction ) By Pvt. William Saroyan ….. WAACS In The ETO By Sgt. Durbin L. Horner ….. Cartoons