YANK BR 1943 07 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 3 ……. Cover: YANK Magazine’s Cover Choice as Part of the Nation Wide Patriotic Display of Flags on the Covers of All Magazines for the Week of July 4, 1943 ……. Articles Inside: WAACS at Work ….. The WAACs in North Africa. By Sgt. Pete Paris ….. Blind Man’s Buff With Bullets – Killing a Jug of Captured Jap Wine, These GIs Rehash the Attu Invasion. By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers ….. The British 1st Army – They Come A Long Way. By Sgt. Durbin L. Horner ….. Strictly G.I. ….. Yanks at Home in the ETO ….. Yanks at Home Abroad ….. Plane Crew Makes Engine Changes In 3 Hours; Made 57 in One Month. By Sgt. Merle Miller ….. Russians Name Guns and Dugouts For Their Heroic Soldiers and Sailors ….. Every Man in This Show Troupe Has Seen Combat in New Guinea. By Sgt. Don Harrison ….. A Week of War – Gales were blowing over Italy and Germany and even Japan was beginning to feel a light breeze. They would all grow in proportion ….. Aleutian Outpost ( Photo Report ) By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers ….. News From Home ….. Home Towns in Wartime: Beaver Dam, Wis. by Sgt. Bill Davidson ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Lena Horne ….. Sports: Galento Comes Back From His Jersey Bar. By Sgt. Dan Polier ….. The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker ….. Artie Greengroin PFC – Artie The Stoic by Sgt. Harry Brown ….. Mail Call ….. Secret Air Force Weapon – Profiting from experiences of flyers in action against the enemy in Europe, Africa, China and the Pacific, our Air Forces have made several sweeping changes in the training program for our cadets and new pilots in the ground and cloud schools back in Texas. By Sgt. H. N. Oliphant ….. Cartoons ….. G.I. Joe by Lt. Dave Breger