YANK BR 1942 11 15 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 22

Cover: Convoy Guardian – Ready for action is sailor Bill Williams, chief of a gun crew aboard a Pacific convoy ship. The belt he wears holds detonating primers for the shells at his elbow. Now turn to page 3 for the story of a South Pacific convoy trip.

Articles Inside:

Navy Convoy Duty Here is the story of how the Navy guards the Army at sea, written by an Army Sergeant who spent seven weeks on a Navy warship convoying troops across the Pacific. By Sgt. Ladd Haystead and

Believe It or Not This Convoy Had Luxury By YANK’s Iceland Correspondent

Yanks at Home and Abroad – Our men report on the state of the world on matters ranging from New Guinea to a birthday in India

This Sarge Studied Tommy Gun Under the Old Masters in Chicago

English Girls May Like Our Talk But They Don’t Go For Our Walk

Yanks Bet Battle of Africa Will Be Won by Washington’s Birthday. By Sgt. Burgess Scott

Razor Shortage Makes New Guinea Look Like the House of David. By Sgt. E. J. Kahn Jr.

A Few Random Notes On Things G.I. From WAACs to Marines to Latrines

G.I. Joe “The Nissen Hut” By Sgt. Dave Breger

Africa: Prelude to Victory

Photo Pages

The Great Russian Defense of 1942


YANK Pin-up Girl: Jinx Falkenberg

Evening Report

Veronica Lake Has Two Eyes

Maddy Carroll Wears a PFC Stripe

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Words Across the Sea

Tanks for the Memory By Sgt. Leo Hofeller and Artwork by Sgt. Ralph Stein

The Post Exchange

McTurk Snaps a Saloot

Toughest Birds in the AEF England is amazed at these rugged Yank paratroopers, so hard-boiled that their spit bounces and afraid of nothing except the fists of their own company commanders.

Sports: Evil-Eye Finkel Joins The Army To Ruin Hitler With His Famous Slobodka Stare. By Sgt. Walter Bernstein

Vic of the AAA Command by Cpl. Henry McAlear

Our New Allies in Africa