Wings 1943 08 (PDF)


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Vol. II No. 3
Cover: Major Joseph J. Foss, USMC, is pictured on our front cover this month in a characteristic pose. The hero of many air battles in the South Pacific, in which he shot down 26 Jap planes, is shown as a captain, his rank during his daring exploits. Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Major Foss has often pointed out that it was largely the equipment he and fellow airmen have had that is helping smash the Japs. His words spell “thanks” to everyone building American aircraft.. Cover Art by Howard Scott ……. Articles Inside: … Conveyor Teardown and Reassembly Technique – Bottlenecks caused by the standard practice of tearing, down and reassembling each engine after its “green” test run have been eliminated at Allison by putting the whole process on a loop conveyor. W. G. Guthrie. works manager, tells how this method saves factory space and enables new workers to learn specific jobs quickly. Formerly, long and thorough training was necessary for both mechanics and inspectors. By W. G. Guthrie ….. Balancing Procurement and Production – Graphic management control is described in detail by Lt. George W. E. Fouch, USNR. The system of charts, some of which are illustrated, was designed to maintain a balance between procurement of raw materials and parts and production of completed planes. With these coordinated visual reports, the bottlenecks that might otherwise delay production show up instantly, and can be given special attention. By Lt. G. W. E. Vouch, USNR ….. $200 Investment Salvages $4,200 Scrap – An original investment of less than $200 in obsolete farm machinery and other miscellany has grown, at Fair-child Aircraft Division, into a large salvage system which monthly reclaims $12,000 worth of scrap. Because ingenuity was exercised, very little standard equipment was needed to put the program into operation. Salvage Foreman McClellan Altemeier, former floor sweeper, is responsible for the system’s development. ….. “Share the Shortcuts” is Rule in Canada – Excellent distribution of production-speeding suggestions has been obtained in Canadian aircraft plants through the Aircraft Industry Relations Committee. Bulletins are sent monthly to interested companies. The best suggestions of various company employee-suggestion contests are passed along to others. Further awards are given to originators. Six typical ideas, all from a recent committee bulletin, are here illustrated. By E. J. Tangerman ….. Airframes Production Shortcuts: [ ….. Torch Substituted for Contour Milling ….. “Squawk” Board Reduces Reworks 80’/c ….. Inverted Riveters Save Time ….. Homemade Devices Make Machines Safer ….. Flexible Guard Saves Drills ….. Merry-go-round Mills Rod Ends Faster ….. Airframing Simplified ….. Machine Reduces 8-hr. Job to H Min ….. Seats and Stakes Bearings Precisely ….. Gas Welding Simplified and Made Safer ….. T-bar Rack Cuts Scrap ….. Expedites Doped-tape Application ….. Automatic Plumb Indicator Warns of Misalignment ] ….. Powerplants Production Shortcuts: [ Hours Saved In Propeller Manufacture ….. Center-of-gravity Hoist Halves Labor ….. Complete Protection for Job Data ….. Prevents Reamer Breakage ….. Halves Labor in Producing Air Duct ….. Special Grinder for Master-rod Inner Faces ….. Drill, Ream and Countersink in Same Machine ….. Cone Aids Location for Radial Drilling ….. Simple Methods Speed Burring, Polishing ] ….. Accessories Production Shortcuts: [ Halves Time for Coil-base Assembly ….. Driving Arm Shortens Grinding ….. Adjustable Arm Speeds Template Clamping ….. Parts Drilled Three Times Faster ….. Taper-pin Turning Rate Boosted ….. Spotlight on Drill Speeds Work ] ….. Memo: Be Careful-Not to Help Axis! ….. Thirteenth Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest