Wings 1943 07 (PDF)


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Vol. II No. 2
Cover: The July cover of Wings, as last year is dedicated to our Flag. Now, in the midst of the deadliest war this country has ever fought, we are more than ever aware of the Stars and Stripes and their significance. So it seems fitting for all of us who are devoted to greater production of aircraft to give thought this month, on our national anniversary, to the real purpose behind our war effort – keeping Old Glory flying, a free flag over a free country. Cover Art by Howard Scott ……. Articles Inside: … Streamlined Handling Keeps Parts Moving – Materials handling is effectively managed at Rochester Products by adapting methods previously used in automobile production. Exceptional provision is made for storing raw and semi-fabricated material. Conveyors, some on assembly lines, carry materials and parts to work stations. This story, by Arthur J. Brennan, production manager, is illustrated with sketches and photographs which will help other companies. By Arthur J. Brennan ….. Schooling Provides Operators and Supervisors – Beth preliminary and advanced training is given workers at the Sperry Gyroscope Company. A 3-week course for learners covers many specific shop jobs, while the advanced classes develop supervisory and technical skills. Students in the advanced course are specially chosen for their aptitudes, after a certain amount of actual working experience. Otis F. Presbrey gives a detailed account of the study programs. By Otis F. Presbrey ….. From Lofts to Dies to Planes – The job of fabricating sheet stock in the production of metal airframes is being shortened at Bell by a new method of making blanking and piercing dies both quickly and cheaply. This article, by Herbert Chase, describes the method of making the dies, with photographs and sketches illustrating the details. Highly skilled die sinkers or high grade tool makers are not required to make these dies. By Herbert Chase ….. Is This Necessary? By E. J. Tangerman ….. Airframes Production Shortcuts: [ Jig-built Spare-parts Crates save 25% – A new method of building shipping crates enables North American to ship, at one time, 25 percent more spare parts for B-25 Mitchell bombers than was possible before. The use of jig tables cuts construction time in half and saves thousands of dollars annually. Since the boxes are made to conform to the size and shape of standard freight cars, all available space is fully utilized, and loading time is cut materially. ….. New Rack Multiplies Plating Rate Five Times ….. Swivel-suspension Arm Multiplies Manpower ….. Dispenser Saves Time, Rivets, Trouble ….. Hardens Tools Quickly Without Warpage ….. Cable Clamp Saves Hours of Time ….. Fixture Halves Operations, Quadruples Cowling Output ….. Cuts Rib-setting Time A Fourth ….. Shop-made Jacks Simplify Die Set-ups ….. Wire-brushing Machine Cleans Sheets ….. Safety Latch for Squeeze Riveter ….. Adjustable Stop Speeds Countersinking ….. Capacity of Saw on Dural Doubled ….. Hook Speeds Template Selection and Storage ….. Simple Process Molds Lucite Windows ….. Circular Shapes Safely Cut on Fixture ] ….. Powerplants Production Shortcuts: [ Work Holder Doubles Sandblast Output ….. Ends Warping of Forgings in Quenching ….. Inserting Tool Avoids Damage to Threaded Bushings ….. Good Tooling Aids Rapid Crankcase Machining. ….. Quickly Polishes Tube Bores and Burrs Ends ….. Hone Tappet Holes in Aluminum Crankcase ….. Swaging Four Times Quicker Than Turning ….. Truck Air-brake Unit Actuates Clamping Fixture ….. Test Rates Must Match Production Rates ] ….. Accessories Production Shortcuts: [ Meet “Stumpy,” Goodyear’s Idea Champ – The accessories section of wings this month is given to the many time- and money-saving suggestions of X, K. Stump, of Goodyear. These range from fixtures to new tools, which he works out and makes himself from the materials at hand. Twelve illustrations give a good sample of the excellent work “Stumpy” is doing in backing up the armed forces with faster production. Twenty-one of his 23 suggestions have been adopted. ] ….. Book Reviews ….. Twelfth Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest