Wings 1943 06 (PDF)


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Vol. II No. 1
Cover: Cover Art by Howard Scott ……. Articles Inside: … Mechanized Materials Control Meets Schedules – Mechanization of materials control helps Lycoming to meet increased production schedules. H. U. Zimmer, production manager, tells how procedures were revised when it became necessary to manufacture hundreds of different engine parts in previously unanticipated quantities. Tabulating machines now provide essential data quickly, complete inventories can be kept current, and shortages quickly located and remedied. By H. U. Zimmer ….. Workers Recruit for Home Front – Employees help the personnel department by recruiting friends and relatives to work in Fairchild’s Hagerstown plant. Located in a small community where the labor supply is limited, this company has put to work the personal contacts of its employees by using them to obtain workers’ friends for jobs. Introductory slips given by employees to their referrals carry out the system. Seventy percent of the referrals have been hired. ….. Conveyors Speed Engine Assembly – Automobile methods have been put to work in assembling aircraft engines at Studebaker. Conveyor lines have been found of considerable value. Roller conveyors and other types are supplemented by beam cranes and special racks for specific units. Parts, subassemblies and engines are all handled quickly and efficiently in the various departments to which they go. This is a particularly detailed and well illustrated story. ….. Use the Old Oil — Again! – Reclamation of oils and solvents has been developed to a fine point at Bendix, saving as much as 20 to 90 percent of these materials. Dean M. Cleaveland. lubrication engineer, describes the processes which, besides conserving critical materials, effect a real saving on all new lubricants purchased, so that the recovery set-up pays for itself in less than two months. A storage system supplements the salvaging process by permitting purchasing in large quantities. By Dean M. Cleaveland ….. Two Ideas Broaden “Share-the-Ride” Plans ….. Production Shortcuts ….. Airframes Production Shortcuts: [ Improvements Speed Wing-rib Production – Production of wing ribs is speeded by several new devices developed at Piper. An automatic return for draw heads saves waste motion for the operator, and duplicate fixtures for riveting eliminate time lost in loading. A combination punch-riveter has pedal controls to leave the operator’s hands free and eliminates delay for drilling or matching holes. Rib production is increased 200 percent over former, older methods. ….. Filling Time and Material Reduced 75 Percent ….. Handy Racks Save Handling Time ….. Pipe Racks and Wooden Carriers Hold Wing Ribs ….. Jointed Wrench Solves Assembly Problem ….. Angle Extrusions Curved on Table Rolls ….. Pictorial Shortcuts ….. Gun Makes Squeezer, Saves Money ….. Tubes Burred, Edges Rounded at 6 Ends Per Minute ….. Distortion From Heat-treatment Reduced ….. Hinged Clip Gains 3J Hr. per 10-hr. Shift ….. Day’s Work Done Safely in Hour ] ….. Powerplants Production Shortcuts: [ Ignition Harnesses Quickly Tested ….. Increases Anodizing-rack Life 300 Percent ….. Converted Lathe Improves Milling Job ….. Homemade Device Aids Gear Cleaning ….. Gaging Stations Straddle Roller Conveyors ….. Propellers Rapidly Glued and Moved ….. Special Tool Helps to Insert Parts ….. Tricks in Tool Sharpening ….. 12-Place Fixtures Expedite Milling of Flats ] ….. Accessories Production Shortcuts: [ Cast Jaws Hold Aircraft Fittings ] ….. Wings Index ….. Book Reviews ….. Eleventh Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest