Wings 1943 05 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 12
Cover: Cover Art by Howard Scott ……. Articles Inside: … Four Out of Five Are Women – Four out of five workers at the Allis-Chalmers supercharger plant are women, who have exceeded all expectations of their ability. Many have had no previous experience, but, with little training, they can handle almost any plant operation, including complex machines. They also hold responsible positions as foreladies, and most of the training courses for women are conducted by women teachers. Pictures help to tell their story. By Herbert Chase ….. Preview Sketches Cut Tool-planning Time – Artists’ sketches of proposed new equipment cut time required for tool planning at Boeing-Wichita. Tool room. shop and management can all see how equipment is to be used, thus eliminating unnecessary drawings and detail engineering if the design is rejected or changed. Other details are decided and cost is estimated from these sketches, after which management makes its decision from the detailed information at hand. By Chester S. Ricker ….. Low-carbon Steel Replaces Critical Steel By Geo. Lewis & Guy Nash ….. Planning Keeps Engine Assembly Moving – Production control at Buick, in the manufacture of Pratt & Whitney engines, follows the general lines worked out for automobiles, adapted to contract requirements and the special problems of aircraft engines. Production is uninterrupted, and minimum machine and material inventory is maintained. This article, by R. M. Wagner, general production manager, describes the system. Illustrations include the forms which record cumulative totals of essential information. By R.M. Wagner ….. Puts Production Improvements to Work – Difficulties in informing an increasing number of comparatively new supervisors of new methods and shortcuts are overcome at the Curtiss Airplane Division by a production coordination group under the direction of J. J. Lee, assistant director of manufacturing. He tells how standardization of methods and tools, plus sharing machinery and personnel between plants, is facilitated by bulletins and personal attention. By J. J. Lee ….. Production Shortcuts ….. Airframes Production Shortcuts: [ Cowling Fitted, Drilled and Assembled – The air-frames section opens this month with a story about the fabrication of cowling for aircraft engines. Its shape and the extremely close tolerances required by the Navy make it a difficult job. Intercontinent uses two fixtures, each designed for two different operations. thus saving both factory space and vital material. Three sketches and four photographs supplement the text. clearly illustrating the fixtures and their use. ….. Adjustable-top Buggy Eases Furnace Loadings ….. Universal Pressure Pad Simplifies Set-ups ….. Change Prevents Broken Aluminum Castings ….. Trimming Compound-formed Parts by Router ….. Sheets Stretched in Punch Press ] ….. Powerplants Production Shortcuts: [ Supercharger Impellers Machined With Carbide ….. Halves Number of Machines for Turning Ring Grooves ….. Pneumatic Clamp Speeds Blade Finishing ….. Trunnioned Fixture Aids Engine Assembly ….. Collet Chuck Saves 85 Percent of Handling Time ] ….. Accessories Production Shortcuts: [ Assembly Time Cut 45 Percent ….. Second Template Aids Slotting ….. Cuts Washer-production Time 90 Percent ….. Provides “Spot” for Drill on Sloping Surface ….. Cylinders Precision-bored One per Minute ] ….. Is It Necessary? ….. Review of Navy Films ….. Book Reviews ….. Tenth Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest