Wings 1943 03 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 10
Cover: This month’s front cover shows one of our fighting allies, a Canadian bombardier, doing his job with an expression of businesslike concentration which spells trouble for the target. Cover Art by Howard Scott ……. Articles Inside: … Production Planned 18 Months Ahead at Vultee – Vultee delivers on schedule by long-term planning, coordinating raw stock requisitions and purchasing of parts with manufacturing requirements to prevent costly production delays. J. W. Hennen, production manager, Vultee Field Division, tells how it is done by his “production control” department with Ditto copies of schedule cards, photographic copies of records and schedule boards that are kept constantly up-to-the-minute. By J. W. Hennen ….. Photos Help Train Bell Assemblers – Inexperienced workers master their jobs more quickly and easily when trained with the aid of visual records of parts and tools which are unfamiliar to them, according to Ben F. Silsbee, visual-training coordinator of Bell Aircraft Corp. Photographs are used most frequently, with supplementary sketches and diagrams helpful for complex jobs. Workers start actual assembly with little personal instruction. By Ben F. Silsbee ….. Auto Technique Used in Airframe Production – Airframe assemblies are manufactured successfully at Hudson Motor Car Co. by using automobile assembly-line technique. Engineering information has been converted into terms easily understood by the experienced workmen who have to use it. Automotive methods and tools are retained wherever possible. Increased accuracy. faster production of parts, and reduced worker-training time have resulted. Chester S. Ricker, wings field representative, tells the story. By Chester S. Richer ….. Production Shortcuts ….. Airframes Production Shortcuts: [ Refrigerated Electrodes Triple Weld Production – How refrigerated electrodes for spot-welding aluminum triple production in the Linden plant of the Eastern Aircraft Division of General Motors is told in this informative article by Charles C. Titherington, welding engineer. Refrigeration reduces the pick-up of aluminum, by electrodes, which average three times as many welds between cleanings as when water-cooled. Drawings show details of electrode design. ….. “Ferris Wheel” for Rapid Doping ….. Foot Can Serve as “Third Hand” ….. Hole Spotting Eliminates Drill Template ….. Handy Racks and Fixtures Aid Assembly ….. Output Tripled with New Hardness Tester ….. Holder Simplifies Tack-welding of Lugs ….. Ratchet Screwdriver Expedites Nut Wiring ….. Loading Tables Avoid Drop-hammer Delays ….. One Man Replaces Two ….. Cushioned Bucking Bar Holder Reduces Fatigue ….. Saves Strippet Punch Shanks ….. Analyzer Keeps Spot-welders on Job ….. Halves Time for Removing Nailing Strips ] ….. Powerplants Production Shortcuts: [ Converts Miller to Recess Pistons ….. Stock Setscrew Replaces Broken Stud ….. Doubling Production From One Blank Saves Metal ….. Balancing Plugs Ground Five Times Faster ….. Twin Saw Halves Cut-off Time ….. Time Cut 50% in Finishing Blades ….. Bronze Ring Ground on Magnetic Chuck ….. Fixtures Speed Stud Insertion ….. Conveyor Gate Adds Safety, Convenience ….. Eccentric Fixture Expedites Drilling ….. Stepped Stand Aids Propeller Balancing ….. Mailing Tubes Provide Storage Racks ] ….. Accessories Production Shortcuts: [ Portable Spray Unit Saves Time ….. Boosts Lathe Output 400 Percent ….. Large Scrap Saving in Redesigned Part ….. Regulator Testing Speeded One-third ] ….. Book Reviews ….. Eighth Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest