Wings 1943 02 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 9
Cover: Cover Art by John Falter ……. Articles Inside: … How Bell Plans and Controls Production – New Bell plans and controls production is told clearly in text and charts by Max Stupar, coordinator of production, who explains how the department charged with maintaining high productivity is divided into two divisions. One does tool engineering and planning; other kindle? bookkeeping phases, including issuing orders to shop and for material. Whole system is built around 100-percent lofting practice. By Max Stupar ….. Over 100 Suggestions A Week – More than 100 suggestions for production shortcuts have been turned in each week for the first 16 weeks of Curtiss-Wright’s Suggestion System at its Columbus plant. Here are details of the plan to help speed production by employees’ suggestions, 64 of which have already received the Award of Individual Production Merit from the joint Labor-Management War Production Drive Committee. It’s a good plan for any company. ….. “Cherchez les RIGHT Femmes” For Making Parts – Placing the right woman in the right job has been developed skillfully at General Electric where many thousand women have proved their value in making aircraft instruments. Step by step, you are taken with a typical girl on her course of testing and training. R. L. Moeller, of G. E., tells how many machining operations, fine assembly work, and exacting inspections are performed exceptionally well by women. Every employer will benefit from this word-and-picture article. By R. L. Moeller ….. Tool Salvage Is Everybody’s Responsibility – Tool salvage, like winning the war, is everybody’s responsibility today. That is why everyone from the front office to the shop veteran or rawest recruit in coveralls will be intensely interested in the article by E. L. Derr, supervisor of tools, Continental Motors. His six major points, when answered satisfactorily by you, should help conserve many of your most powerful weapons in our all-out war on the Axis. By E. L. Derr ….. Production Shortcuts ….. Airframes Production Shortcuts: [ Making Stainless-steel Exhaust Rings – Fabrication of stainless steel might be called an art instead of a manufacturing job. However, with proper training and good fixtures, Kay Products Co. turns out exhaust collector rings on a. production basis as a subcontractor for Boeing. The various steps in the process are described clearly in text and photographs to help other companies speed their production in this field. Young men, with schooling in welding, seem best for job. ….. Convenient Tables for Shear Operators ….. Three Tools Save Time, Speed Assembly ….. Drop Hammer Rope Life Doubled ….. Part Forming With Rubber Throw Sheets ….. Expedites Job of “Doin’ Nuttin’ ” ….. Space Saved by Replacing Lead “Ducks” ….. Speed Light Plane Wing Assembly ….. Converts Extrusions For Bar Stock ….. ”Checker Boarding” Hastens Production ….. Suggestion May Save Lives ] ….. Powerplants Production Shortcuts: [ Metal Applied Faster to Wooden Propellers ….. Oil Slot Cut 25 Percent Faster ….. Aids Rapid Polishing of Valve Tappet ….. Cylinder Production Speeded 450 Percent ….. Drill Press Does Back Spot-Facing ….. Honing Job Done Faster Than Polishing ….. Simple Fixture Halves Riveting Time ….. Non-magnetic Rings Ground on Magnetic Chuck ….. Shortens Job, Saves Machine for Other Work ] ….. Accessories Production Shortcuts: [ Milling Done Faster on Drill Press ….. Laminations Stacked Ten Times Faster ….. Aids Rapid Stack Drilling ….. Standard Anodic Equipment Salvages Worn Files ….. Fly Cutter Quickly Produces True Slot ….. Air Jets Speed Precision Drilling ] ….. Book Reviews ….. Seventh Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest