Wings 1943 01 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 8
Cover: Ensign True Davis, Jr. by Artist Chief Petty Officer Howard Scott ……. Articles Inside: … Multiline Production Speeds Fortress Deliveries – How Boeing solved the problem of vastly increased orders for Flying Fortresses by devising a new type of aircraft production called “Multiline Production” is described in this detailed article by H. Oliver West, executive vice-president, Boeing Aircraft Company. Final assembly is now simplified into a mere joining and hooking-up process, which other companies will find of value in solving floorspace problems. By H. Oliver West ….. Fighting Horsepower Assured – Necessity of scheduling, producing and delivering spare parts for fighting aircraft engines, in close cooperation with the Special Subcommittee on Spares under the jurisdiction of the Joint Aircraft Committee, is outlined in this article. Thomas A, Bissell describes how Pratt & Whitney builds its spare parts and engines together as one of several companies engaged in this important work of “Keeping ‘Em Flying.” By Thomas A. Bissell ….. Canadian Machine Operators Learn by Doing – Unskilled men and women, with only one day’s training on the job, start producing precision machined aircraft parts at Canadian Car & Foundry thanks to program of learning while doing. Albert Jude, works manager, tells how his company, as one large producer for our neighboring ally, increased its trained personnel by many hundreds in an amazingly short time. Other concerns in Canada, as well as in the United States, will benefit from this article. By Albert Jude ….. Production Shortcuts ….. Airframes Production Shortcuts: [ Strip-stretching Machines Speed Job, Save Scrap – Heading up the Airframes Production Shortcuts this month is an informative article on how the Goodyear Aircraft Corp. has applied metal-stretching machines to stretching and forming strips, with savings in scrap. Photos and a sketch help carry the reader through the steps which accomplish desired results while conserving valuable metal. Other aircraft manufacturers should benefit from this story. ….. Spherical Surface Generated Perfectly ….. Cradles Facilitate Handling Thunderbolts ….. Metallizing Saves Worn Dies ….. How to Get Most From Rubber Press Pads ….. Boxes Punched Quickly at Semi-circular Bench ….. Power Drill Made to Shift Rapidly ….. New Tool Does Job Better, Faster ….. How Curtiss Inspects Commando Windshields ….. Cementing Improvements Save 9 Hours Per Ship ….. Motor Drive Tapes Conduit Five Times Quicker ….. Tool Grinder Converted to Cut Off Tubes ….. Striper Saves 3 1/2 Hours per Plane ….. Auger Loads Nut Rapidly ….. Nibbling Speeds Shaping of Tube Ends ….. Pneumatic Machine Stamps Numbers Faster ….. Tilted Cutter Machines Long Radius ….. Dollies Supply Small Parts 25 Percent Quicker ] ….. Powerplants Production Shortcuts: [ 2-piece Steel Propeller Blades Blown to Shape – Making 2-piece propellers so alike in weight and balance they may be interchanged is the timely topic of this fully illustrated story by John M. Hamilton, of Aeroproducts Division, General Motors Corp. Contour planing and milling, metallizing, controlled-atmosphere brazing and final expansion to exact shape are described in this article, which details methods contrasting sharply with those in making the 1-piece propeller pictured in wings last month. ….. Lathe Attachment Saves 10 Min. Per Piece ….. Quick-lock Fixture for Valve Covers ….. Anti-glare Shields Aid Workers ….. Fixtures Expedite Propeller Handling ….. Cylindrical Grinder Finishes Plane Surfaces ] ….. Accessories Production Shortcuts: [ Coining Greatly Accelerates Production ….. Aids in Spotting Holes for Drilling ….. Drill Presses on Tracks ] ….. Book Reviews ….. Sixth Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest