Wings 1942 12 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 7
Cover: Cover Art by McClelland Barclay ……. Articles Inside: … Ingenuity Spreads Skilled Labor in Die Making – How ingenuity makes up for shortages of skilled toolmakers is told in words and pictures by N. F. Vanderlipp, general manager, Fairchild Aircraft Limited, in one of the most informative stories of the year. Tool-design and die-making policy is flexible to suit materials and personnel available in Canadian die making. Both immediate and long-term requirements for parts are met. By N. F. Vanderlipp ….. Merry-Go-Round Fixture Speeds Press Loading – To speed leading and unloading of a. conventional 3-column rubber-pad hydro press, Vultee Field Division placed a “merry-go-round” feed table about one column as an axis. Indexing and press stroke are automatic each time the control button is pushed. Result: 10,000 sheet-metal parts produced in an 8-hr, shift, with two operators. W. S. Clark, factory superintendent, tells how the table operates. By W. S. Clark ….. Steel Templates Reproduced by Printing – Rapid and precise production of templates has now been developed on lithographing presses, avoiding dark room and all photographic equipment. Any number of duplicates is supplied to Curtiss plants and subcontractors. Etching provides sharp lines. Dowel pins assure correct register. Process is applicable also to lofts. Savings in time and labor are important advantages. By Chester S. Richer ….. Women Operate Many Intricate Machines ….. “Erector Set” Assemblies With Unskilled Labor …By R.P. Gaylord ….. Production Shortcuts: [ Airframes Production Shortcuts ….. Aspirin For Tube-Bending Headaches ….. Carts Keep Rivets Cold During Delivery ….. Facilitates Stitching Leather Covers ….. Jig Speeds Electrical Inspection ….. Dzus Fastener Adapter 16 Times Faster ….. Handle for Snake Drill Avoids Inaccuracies ….. Time Saved in Leveling Driftmeter Bracket ….. Portable Benches Aid Rapid Handling ….. Tubular Parts Rapidly Numbered ….. Spar Milling Done 60 Times Faster ….. Saves Hour in Forming Canopy Trailing Edge ….. Light-Duty Tools Speed Plane Parts ….. Profiler Expedites Spar Production ] ….. Powerplants Production Shortcuts: [ 1-Piece Propeller Blade Production-Formed From Seamless Tube – Profusely illustrated, this article by William N. Wood, plant manager, American Propeller Corp., describes how 1-piece propeller blade is production formed from seamless tube with exact control of wall thickness making light, balanced, uniform and interchangeable product. Photos take you through process, step by step, of transition from chrome-nickel-molybdenum tube to hollow blade. ….. Shop-Designed Grinders Avoid Delays ….. Revolving-Tier Truck Provides Fast Cylinder Service ….. Standard Package Saves Time ….. Gang Fixture Cuts Assembly Time One-Third ] ….. Accessories Production Shortcuts: [ Holds High Precision in Gear Recesses ] ….. 7-Month Cross-Index – Invaluable to men and women seeking information on production shortcuts published in Wings is the index covering the first seven issues, June through December. Each item has been carefully cross-indexed under Feature Articles, Airframes, Powerplants and Accessories, the four categories into which wings is divided. Hundreds of subjects are covered in this comprehensive review. ….. Book Reviews ….. Fifth Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest