Wings 1942 11 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 6
Cover: Cover Art by McClelland Barclay ……. Articles Inside: … The Enemy Designs Our Warplanes – Under the arresting title, The Enemy Designs Our Warplanes, J. H. (Dutch) Kindelberger, president. North American Aviation, Inc., gives wings a highly informative review of the importance of flexible tooling in effecting rapid changes in design to keep American aircraft abreast of and better than those of the Axis. Incidentally, this is the first story Mr. Kindelberger has ever signed for publication. By J. H. Kindelberger ….. It’s Beat Tomorrow-Today-at Grumman – Simple but efficient operations speed subassemblies and final assembly of the Grumman Avenger. In this comprehensive story, complete with photographs and sketches, H. E. Larson, factory manager, provides the “know-how” of a control system that steps up warplane production. The entire industry should benefit from this method of beating tomorrow-today! By H. E. Larson ….. To Get More Engines Now…2 – Production stepped up 60-fold at Continental Motors by ingenuity and experience applied to rejuvenating old turret lathes, screw machines, boring mills, millers, grinders and other equipment is described further in the second and concluding installment of an interview” with Guy J. Harinton. vice-president and plant manager. No time is lost ‘waiting” for new machine tools here. ….. Production Short-Cuts ….. Airframes Production Short-Cuts: [ Skin Application Time Cut 70 Percent by Gang Riveting – Thousands of man-hours are saved by an important new shortcut in the installation of thin aluminum skin on Helldiver bombers and Seagull scouts. New method employs gang riveter, driving up to nine rivets in a single operation. Some said the practice was impossible, but they were proved wrong. Many should learn much from this article. ….. Holder Helps Find Spaghetti Numbers….. Steps Up Rate Profiling Longerons….. Loading Area Increased 10 Percent….. Adjustable Vise Speeds Template Filing….. Paint Eases Sight; Photos Reduce Many Mishaps….. Hours Saved in Checking Elevator….. Vacuum Cleaner Injects Kapok….. Women Rivet Faster with Lighter Tools….. Clamp Cuts Milling Time One-Fourth ] ….. Powerplants Production Short-Cuts: [ Specific Spaces for Gages Aid Inspection….. New Chuck Jaw Saves Time. Trouble….. Fixture Halves Etching Time….. Wrench Carries Twist Around Corner….. Standardized Tapping Blocks Save Rejects….. Triangular Rubber Tip Spins Nuts Off Faster….. Wheel Slots Ground Fast in Dual Fixtures in Tandem ] ….. Accessories Production Short-Cuts: [ Homemade Machine Forms Strips Rapidly….. Eliminates Jig. Cuts Time One-Third….. Screw Heads Milled Faster….. Slot Broaching Quicker Than Milling….. Steps Up Burring of Spur Gears ….. Speedier Burring with Rotary File ] ….. Book Reviews – Book Reviews have been added to Wings as an interesting, informative department. Textbooks for beginners in the aircraft industry, and other volumes of more interest to experienced workmen, will be reviewed each month. Rapid expansion of the aircraft industry has emphasized learning by books at home as well as practical experience at plants. ….. Fourth Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest