Wings 1942 10 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 5
Cover: Cover Art by McClelland Barclay ……. Articles Inside: … To Get More Engines Now …1 – Ingenuity and experience, applied to available machine tools, have stepped up Continental Motors’ production of engines 60-fold while they wait for new machine tools. An inspiring story, full of practical suggestions and illustrated with a wealth of photographs and sketches, told in the form of an interview with Guy ]. Harinton, vice-president and plant manager. ….. Loading System Keeps Machines Busy – To minimize idle time and to avoid overloading tools continuously, Pratt & Whitney has worked out an effective system of controlling machine loading. This is the informative story of how the system works, illustrated with the forms actually used by P & W. Many other companies will find the system practicable for them. ….. Aircraft Instrument Production Expanded – Many new workers at Sperry Gyroscope are trained by a comprehensive program that features written instruction sheets for assembly, and classes in shop technique. Sperry has developed such a progressive method of schooling that its production schedule is expedited. L. Malkovsky, vice-president for manufacturing, Sperry Gyroscope Company, Inc., wrote this story. By Louis F. Malkovsky ….. For Faster, Less-Tiring Production By Herbert Chase ….. Production Short-Cuts ….. Airframes Production Short-Cuts: [ Speeds Production of Flush Rivets ….. Aids Riveting in Cramped Spaces ….. Doubles Countersinking Speed ….. Short-Cuts for Routing Blanks – Short-cuts devised for routing…By use of special templates, one form being guided by a pin in a slot, desired contours, some having square corners and some notched, are produced with savings in time and in rejects. Metal workers throughout aircraft industry will be helped materially by studying these new methods of accelerating production in manufacture of parts. ….. There’s a Mouse in the Loft ….. Pneumatic Tube Header Cuts Time 95% ….. Single Tool Replaces Three ….. Spaces and Punches Holes in Fairings ….. T\ ing Tip Is Formed by Ingenious Hydraulic Set-Up ….. Eight-Nut Holder Aids Rapid Assembly ….. Twin Wrench Frees One Hand in Applying Turnbuckle ….. Tumbling To Remove Burrs From Aluminum Parts ] ….. Power Plants Production Short-Cuts: [ Plating Output Doubled by Workers’ Devices – Plating output doubled…A group leader in the plating department of an engine plant is responsible for a suggestion which has doubled the plating output there. A method of masking the anode and jarring it mechanically helps make a uniform deposit of silver in plating engine bearing shells for the aircraft industry. ….. Changes Speed Propeller Production ….. Machining Gears on Own Quill ….. Rearranging Work Raises Grinding Output 75% ….. Pliofilm Seals Engines to Avoid Rusting ….. Good Jig and Fixture Control Machining ] ….. Accessories Production Short-Cuts: [ Special Tools Facilitate Ignition Work ….. Plating Tank Capacity Doubled ….. Saves 10 Minutes Per Assembly ….. Air Cylinder Powers Kick Press ….. Simple Wrench for Tightening Hose Clamps ] ….. Third Wings Bond Award ….. Wings Shop Suggestion Contest