Wiener Illustrierte 1944 01 26 nr 04 (PDF)



Crouching together in a tight snow-hole, which provides minimal cover from shrapnel and ice-cold wind, these Grenadiers await the signal to counter attack; photo by war correspondent Schuerer (Atl) … Daily activities on the Lapplan Front; story by Obergefreiter Hans Kegel, photos by Obergefr. Fritz Baehr … Rasenhygienische Ehevermittlung … Opening of the Semmelweis-Frauenklinik in Vienna; Baldur von Schirach, Dr. Conti; SS-Oberfuehrer Dipl.-Ing. Hanns Blaschke … Goering visiting an aircraft factory; Rommel discussing the current situation of the Festung Europe; photos y war correspondents Eitel Lange and Jesse (PBZ) … Fissan … Alpenkraeuter … German animation films in works