Wiener Illustrierte 1943 03 03 nr 09 (PDF)


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On cover: Helping hands – happy hearts; German ladies helping in hospitals; photos and story inside by Max Goellner     Total war – shorter war; Goebbels’ speech in Berlin; photos of German troops on the East Front by war correspondents Slickers (Sch) and Wittke (Atl)     11 bunkers in 15 minutes, SS-Kriegsberichter Backes (Wb), this SS war correspondent lost his life while photographing this story     German paratroopers (Fallschirmjaeger) on the African Front; photos by war correspondent Biedermann, Schnitzer (H.H.) and Pirath (Wb)     Italian art in wartime: Otello Chiti, Roberto Fantuzzi, Guglielmo Carro, Manfredo Acerbo     Mecedonian wedding; photos from E. Zillich … Recon squad on skies, photos by Fotodienst Holzapfel     Opera dancer Violet Tester; photos by Th. Mellos     Allied bombs falling on Kairouan; photos by Fritz Zvacek