Wiener Illustrierte 1943 02 17 nr 07 (PDF)


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Spanische Reiter   “Spanish Riders”   barb wire is transported to the front lines; cover photo and inside story by SS war correspondent Vaes (PBZ)     German women working for the total war; photos by Marlo – Sendler     Dr. Karl Boehm – director of the Vienna Opera     Tunisia; photos by Brauner, Tschira-Bilderdienst, Zillich     The world’s best skier and a fighter pilot: Pepi Jenneweln, other pilot shown is Gefr. Josef Gabel; photos by Lothar Ruebelt     San Marion, the smallest republic of the world     Water festivities in Plovdin, Bulgaria; pictures by Paul Pawloff     Bulgarian woodwork art; photos by E. Zillich