Wiener Illustrierte 1941 06 18 nr 25 (PDF)



Also in Africa is the German A/A (Flak) doing its job; this German Lieutenant is holding a part of a propeller from an allied plane; photo by PK-Sturm – H.H.
DAK – Deutsche Afrikakorps; photos by war correspondents Moosmueller and Berndt
Fallschirmjaeger attacking; photos by war correspondent Jesse, Gruenwald, Zeh, Kaiser
Playing Democracy in the USA; photos by E. Witzleben
The tall bank buildings in USA and their ugly side; photos by VollmarĀ  deutsche Alpenvereins Santiago in Kordillere
“Romantic” photos of women from the USA
Paula Wolfgang and Annie Rosar in “liebeskomoedie” by Franz Gribitz Aida by Wilhelm Reinking
Fritz Klimsch – expo in Vienna