Wiener Illustierte 1941 11 19 nr 47 (PDF)



Welding duty: story on the involvement of German women in the war effort; photo by Doliwa
Forwards through snow and mud, German troops digging in around Lenningrad; photos by war correspondents Schroeter (Sch) and Reimers (H.H.)
At the Finnish-soviet front, Finnish flamethrower squad in action; photos by SS war correspondent Slapak (Wb.)
Theater Vienna-Berlin, Paula Wessley, Theodor Loos, Melanie Horeschovsky, Irene von Meyendorff, Georg Alexander, Georg Hann, Raoul Aslan; photos by Doliwa
Making a film; photos by Hans Emil Dits
Two year of reconstructions in the GG (Generalgouvernement), Reichsminister Dr. Frank in Balice, Kopernikus monument in Cracow; photos by Dr. Rolf Hecker
Surrounded and destroyed soviet armies at Brjansk; photos by SS war correspondent Cantzler (H.H.) and war correspondent Peter (AP)
Florio Marsala wine
New Sudermann-Film “Hochzeit auf Baerenhof”