Weekly Air Intelligence Digest 1942 12 19 nr 05 (PDF)



Vol. I
Table of Contents
Targets of the Week
Ju-52 shot down by its own Flak when chased by US spitfires
Weekly review of events in theaters of war
Decent from high altitude
Enemy war material: new German six-engines transport plane developed from glider
German Merseburg “Giant” gliders (photos)
German fighters’ Mauser cannon described
German plane that carries an umbrella
Concrete boats built upside down
German “Crowsfoot”, new Nazi trick, and torpedo plane blown upside down
JU-88, German Pane-of-all-work
Two views of the JU-88 (photographs)
Nazi flyers kept busy, morale of crew high
Cockpit trouble
Tactical notes
German Air Force dry — it says here
Guest at a U-boat convention
Winter on the Russian Front
Answer to quiz on back cover