Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin 1943 06 (PDF)


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Number 315 ……. Cover: Fujiyama, celebrated volcano 70 miles west-southwest of Tokyo, was photographed through the periscope of a U. S. submarine in search of enemy shipping in enemy waters. Fujiyama reaches a height of 12,395 feet, its southern slopes reaching the shores of Suruga Bay. {A Japanese broadcast recently reported that an unidentified submarine shelled one of the Japanese Islands.) Cover picture is Official U. S. Navy photograph. ……. Articles Inside: ….. The Navy’s Part in the African Victory ….. U. S. Attacks Japs on Attu ….. New Officer Classification System Working – Qualifications placed on punch cards so right man for any billet can be found quickly ….. New Pacific Bases, North and South – Navy carries new expeditionary forces that strengthen American positions ….. The First Public Account of Radar – Naval research scientists revealed as discovers of basic phenomenon ….. More Figures on Medical Successes – Rapid, scientific treatment keeps deaths low in all battle zones ….. 10 Shots10 Japanese Ships Hit – Navy sub crew makes up for one miss: gets four hits with three salvos ….. Spanish: Short List of Words and Phrases ….. The New Recognition System – Method makes possible split-second identification in automatic fashion ….. The Month’s News: Allies take all North Africa; Bombing raids on Europe Stepped up; U.S. attacks Japs on Attu ….. Navy Department Communiques ….. Blimp Training Centered at Lakehurst ….. Navy News Photographs of the Month ….. Decorations and Citations ( Commander Howard W. Gilmore and Capt. Joseph Foss – Medal of Honor ) – 19 pages of Awards and Citations to Navy Personnel ….. Change of Command ….. Publication Check List ….. New Training Films ….. Legislative Matters of Naval Interest ….. BuPers Bulletin Board