Unser Heer 1943 11 01 nr 23 (PDF)




12 pages
German speedboats at Kremenchuk, Ukraine; photo by war correspondent Gefreiter Wolff-Altvater The three green rounds; story by Leutnant Hans H. Henne
Pioniere (Engineers): building obstacles, mining, demolishing; drawings by Uffz. B. Markowsky, map by Gefreiter Werner Kruse In the rose garden of White House: Dill, Ismay, Portal, Brooke, Pound, Leahy, Marshall, King, Narney
Should this grenade be picked up? – the soviet Eierhandgranate (egg-grenade) F1
The evolution of road building, by Hans Nirwan
The dancer’s lough, by Felix Schwellung
A picture of a street in Germany by Lola Aufsberg
The leg affair, by Gefr. Reetz
Each shot a hit – Revue “Fantasia” in Berliner Scala; photos by Donderer