Tropic Lightning 1946 06 08 (PDF)


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Front Cover: 3rd Battalion of the 4th Infantry in Wakayama. The colors are carried by John P. Copa. Flavio J. Cruz and Jose C. Quintana ….. Combat Record ….. Schools Combine ….. Divarty’s C.O. ….. Provos Courts ….. Soldiers burning ammo; Lt. Metcalf ….. 25th Division History: Task Group 77.9 in Lingayen Gulf; unloading supplies on Luzon …. Stateside Stuff – Ann Rutherford ….. Dog redeployment a yelping success ….. Gunpowder catapult Ejects endangered jet fighter pilot ….. Wedding in Japan: Kathleen Keeley and Lt. Lawrence L. Foster; James McMahon, Chaplain ….. Shirley Crothers of Detroit