The Third Division Front Line 1945 05 12 nr 30 (PDF)



… In Triumph Shall Wave … Regimental Commander Col. John Heingtes of the 7th Infantry with S-Sgt. Bennett O. Walters, Company I and Pfc. Nick Urick, Company A at Berchtesgaden — War’s Climax for Division comes in Alps — Third “Best Division” says von Kesselring — Broadcaster sells his show – Pfc. Harry Rothstein, New York City — Act of Mercy almost ends in PW cage – Capt. George Yarnall of Carlisle, Pa.; Sgt. Elmer Shepard, Bronx N.Y. and Pfc. Emil Ladner of Greenway S. D. — Ex Big Shot – Baron von Albert — ORDNANCE Task Force Keeps Drive Rolling – 703d Ordnance Company — Surprise! Pfc William Henneberry of Galina, Ill. captures an 88 — Munich Home of Sgt. Meier — Schloss Klessheim — Another Mission for Ack-Ackers – 441st Ack-Ack — General O’Daniels and Lt. Gen. Foertsch