The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 10 02 nr 285 (PDF)



8 pages

Yanks Repel Fierce Counter-Attacks – Calais Falls 7th Forges Belfort Ring – Germans Fighting Bitterly In Siegfried Line And Holland Approaches

Weather, Not Luftwaffe, Halts Rail Blitz on Reich

Soviets Mount Third Assault Upon Hungary

Army Bans $100 Gift To 1st Yank in Berlin

Browns Take A.L. Pennant

Santa Claus Already On way to ETO

Another China Air Base Is Lost to Flying Tigers

U.S. Marines Invade Two More Islands

Greater Air Battles Loom As Luftwaffe Pulls Into Reich

Supply Job In Pacific War 3 Times ETO’s – Forrestal Says Might to Defeat Japan Needs Only Transport

A-T Gun Crew Had 1 Chance; It Was Enough

Ex-ETO Fliers Now in CBI Have No Yen to Return Here / By Richard Wilbur

‘Nightmare in Hell’ – ‘Invading’ Nazis Drowned In a Sea of Blazing Oil / By John A Parris

Food, Fuel and Clothing Gone, ‘New Order’ Hit Dutch Hardest ( Eindhoven ) / By Walter Cronkite

Brooklyn? Like a Suburb Of London, Say Colleen

Gerald Smith Boots Out Author Carlson

Nelson Quits WPB; Will Get Economic Job – Krug Becomes Chairman of War Production Board

This Eight-Ball Is Spilling Blood

Nazi Officers May Surrender But They Still Pull Their Rank / By Franklin Banker

346 Hotels Paris Billets

FDR ‘Hit Roof,’ Changed Mild Plan For Reich

That ‘Traveler’ Says Stargazer Saved Fuehrer 

UNRRA Votes Relief to Italy

AFN Will Air World Series

New York to London In Five Hours Seen With Jet Aircraft

New ‘Widow’ Enters Claim To Swindler Musica’s Estate

8th Drives Foe From Fiumcino River Defenses – Yanks Beat Back Attempt To Take Hill Position Above Po Valley

Secret Red Naval Base On U.S. Soil Reported