The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 08 21 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 249 – Monday, August 21, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Start Thrust for Ploesti Oil – Nazis Reveal New Drive For Jassy 4 Russians Attack in 7 Sectors ….. The War Today ….. The Saga of the Lost Battalion – Starved Yanks Fought On, Defied Demand for Surrender / By Earl Mazo ….. Planes Attack In Toulon Area – Other Craft From South Pound Oil Refineries in Polish Silesia, Slovakia ….. Gestapo Nabs Leipzig Mayor ( Dr. Karl Goerdeler ) ….. U.S. General In a Jeep Captures Five Germans ….. A Foxhole Flak Suit Saves a GI Occupant ( Pvt. Sam C. Gwin ) ….. Japan Raided Again by B29s ….. He Hasn’t a Rabbit’s Foot He’s Got the Whole Damn Rabbit ( Pvt. Richard (“Rabbit’s Foot”) Martin ) ….. Toulon Facing Encirclement – Yanks, French Link Up To Seize Town 27 Mi. From Marseilles ….. Yanks Across Seine, Nazis Say – Bridgehead Near Paris, Berlin States – Foe Tells, of a Paratroop Landing; ‘Gap’ Carnage In 14 Divisions Grows ….. 8th Air Force Tops 6 Million In Bond Drive – Goal Passed in 3rd Week Of 5-Week Campaign; 8-Million Total Seen ….. House Probes POW ‘Coddling’ ….. Planes Capture Ground Force ….. A Governor Hands Out Comfort While Hiding Own Grief ( Gov. Leverett Saltonstall ) ….. So What ….. Hope’s ‘Gals’ Show Up Eleanor on Travels ….. Poles Drive On Along Adriatic ….. The Kind of Brass We Go For – GI Feet Tap Out His Pay check As Miller Plays It Hot, Sweet / By Peter Lisagor ….. 105 U.S. Women Receive Awards for War Bravery ….. Hurricane Moves to Jamaica ….. Patton’s Army Across Seine, Germans Say – Bridgehead Near Paris Reported; ‘Gap’ Carnage In 14 Divisions Grows ….. De Gaulle in France ….. Bubbles From The Political Pot ….. Foreign Policy to be Issue ….. Peace Draft? Barracks Set ….. Dracula Called a Dracula ( Bela Lugosi ) ….. Proclamation by Dewey ….. Hill Is Kansas Nominee ….. FDR Won’t See Willkie ….. Job Preference in Rehiring of Veterans Stirs Clash – Draft Official, CIO Differ on Seniority Rule – Selective Service Insists Law States Ex-Soldier Gets First Choice ….. Out of Test Tubes Promises to Come A Dream World ….. Private Sets a Record At Stomaching the Army ( Pvt. Billy Harrell ) ….. Briefs From Home – Investment Pays Off – 7-Day Kaiser Week – New Hotel for Chicago ( Medinah building ) ….. Nelson Ordered To Visit China – FDR Directs ‘Trip,’ Tells WPB Head’s Chief Aide To Turn on Heat’ ….. 30 Injured in U.S. Theater As Section of Roof Falls ( Rialto Theater ) ….. GIs, Gobs Put To Work After Civilians Strike – Replace 400 Laborers Picking Up Debris in Navy Yard ( Bethlehem Steel’s Brooklyn shipyard ) ….. Test Leap Fatal To Safety Head ( Lt. Col. Melbourne W. Boynton ) ….. All Indiana Shaken By Mystery Blast; V2 Theory Doubted ….. Dorsey’s Suer Jailed For Entering Illegally ….. Frisco-Honolulu Air Fare Of $125–After the War ….. The, Wrong Assumption ….. Now It Can Be Told-That Great Gale After D-Day ….. Battle for Peace ….. Voice from Bataan ….. They Fly Again ….. Hash Marks ….. Straight From the Front / By Ernie Pyle ….. Army Poets – What’s Buzzin’, Cousin? / By C. W. Staude. ….. Old Fowling Pieces Come Out of Hiding, Bretons Seize Nazis / By Bud Kane ….. Notes from the Air Force ….. Backs to the Wall., ‘Enemies’ Make Up, Grousing Vanishes ….. British a Mile Inside Burma ….. Engineer Combat Platoon Cited for D-Day Heroism ( Company A, 46th Engineer Combat Battalion ) ….. Help Wanted–And Given ….. U.S. and British Turn LSTs Into Railway Ferries – Tracks Are Laid on Decks Fitting Vessels to Carry 20 Freight Cars Each ….. Reversible Angles Of Propeller Blades Brake Navy Blimp ….. 26 Hrs. Anywhere–That’s U.S. Air-Travel Forecast ….. PTs Dart Through Nazi Fire To Harass Channel Shipping ….. Asks U.S. Hold Island Outposts ….. Revolution in Honduras Reported to Be Imminent ….. Navy Flight Training to End ….. T/Os Don’t Stop Ike When He Wants 2 Stripes for a Man ( Cpl. Lee N. Rogers ) ….. The Expert on Housing Cannot Find a House ….. Radio Highlights ….. Terry & The Pirates / Milton Caniff ….. May’s Links Jamboree Gets Under Way Today ….. Nelson Paired With Hamilton In PGA Final – Jug McSpaden Sidelined By Evansville Clubber In Quarter-Finals ….. Glenn Gardner Bats, Hurls Wings to Double Victory ….. Minor League Results ….. Perry Kayoed By McDaniels ….. Texas Golfer Turns Pro ( Harry Todd ) ….. SRO Sign Out For All-Star Tilt ….. Shot Wounds Slow Joe’s Doyle ….. Paperboy Cops Saratoga Hdcp.; Alex Barth 2nd – Favored Devil Diver Fails To Finish in Money At Belmont ….. NBA Head Seeks Periodical Exams For Pro Ringmen ….. Baltimore Bid Threatened by Newark Surge / By Hy Goldberg ….. No Eleven for Custer ….. Diane / By Jean Baird ….. Male Call / Milton Caniff ….. Blondie / By Chic Young ….. ETO SPORTS MIRROR ….. ODT to Discourage Trek to St. Louis For World Series ….. Redbirds Notch Eighth Straight; Bucs Hold 2nd – Reds Falter Against Bums After Sweeping Twin Feature ….. Rollie Hemsley to Undergo Further Navy Examination ….. Killinger to Pilot Pre-Flighters ….. Lippy Crashes Umps’ Sanctum In New Version of Old Story ….. Major League Results ….. Cards Slam Giants, 5-2, 8-4; Browns Drop Two to A’s – Red Sox Gain Game in Chase; Yankees Third – Tigers Slide After Split And Loss; Griffs, Chisox Divide ….. Advertising Failed To Pay in This Case ….. Li’L Abner / By Al Capp ….. Allied Claws Are Drawing Things Tight ….. Liberation―south, east and west