The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 08 19 nr 248 (PDF)



4 pages

Secret’ Drive 12 Miles From Paris: South France Invaders 25 Mi. Inland; Charles Randall, Buddy S. Deemer – West Front News in Grip Of Blackout – Nazis Ready Reich for Fall Of Capital; 7th Army Is Driven Toward Seine
Planes Strike In Paris Area – Batter Roads, Rail Lines; Lowlands, France Hit In Heavies’ 3 Missions
Brig. Gen. James Wharton Killed in Action in France
Soviets Stand At the Border Of E. Prussia
The War Today
Allies Thrust For Toulon And Cannes – Resistance Is Reported Crumbling; Main Rail Yards, Roads Seized
Pilot Picks Up Pal Downed In Enemy’s Lines
300,000 Total U.S. Casualties
Rats Deserting Sinking Paris – Laval and Japs Reported Fleeing; Radio Silent In Threatened City
Three Powers Agree On Reich Occupation
France in Revolt
Hash Marks
Devon Area Is Cleared of Mines By Army So British May Return / By Arthur W. White
This Is The Army
Woman’s Angle On France― Via the WACs / By Selma L. Chapmond
Notes from the Air Force
Hubert / By Sgt. Dick Wingert
Ty Cobb Swings Again
Warner Credited by Marshall With Liberalizing Grid Rules
Sports Sidelights
Help Wanted―AND GIVEN
Macks Acquire Peck From Milwaukee Nine
Five Links Aces Fail in PGA Play – Byrd, Wood, Hines, Penna, Manero Fail to Reach Quarter-Final Round
Minor League Results
Ronzani Seeks Luckman’s Slot
Hillenbrand Joins All-Star Eleven
How They Stand
Plan to Reopen Texas Loop
Browns Win; Bosox, Tigers Tie – Lanier Notches No. 16 as Cards Top Giants, 7-0 – Bucs Subdue Phils to Run Streak to 11 in Row; Yanks Stop Tribe
Diamond Final at Bury
Li’L Abner / By Al Capp
A Robot Moves to Launching Site
Bubbles From The Political Pot
Patch Gets 3 Stars ( Maj. Gen. Alexander Patch )
Esquire Varga Girl Inspired by the Devil, Army Chaplain Says
NEWS FROM HOME – Back-to-Land Boom After the War Foreseen – Congress Studies Plans – For Sale of Farm Areas Acquired by U.S.
Coughlin Group Dissolved ( Rev. Fr. Charles E. Coughlin, )
A Price on Their Heads
Army Warehouse Burns
GI-ATS Musical Closes Two-Day Stand Tonight Radio Highlights
Revamp ‘Ban’ In GI Vote Law
Maids of Orleans Biggest Obstacle to U.S. Seizure of City
Aerial Blockade On Philippines
Army Gives Up Control Of Philly Transport Lines
Howitzers on Patton’s Tanks
More Divisions Are Identified ( Fourth and Sixth Armored and Eighth Motorized Divisions )
Help After Robot Explodes Wins Yank Soldier’s Medal ( Sgt. Chester A. Reynolds )
Terry & the Pirates / By Milton Caniff