The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 08 09 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 239 – Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Himmler Slain, Nazi Insists After Capture / By Roger D. Greene ….. U.S. Heavies Strike Near Caen To Follow Up RAF Battering ….. ‘Kid Glove’ Training of Pilots In U.S. Scored by ETO Ace ….. Reds Stemmed, But Nazi Lines Creak, Groan – ‘Last Stand’ May Collapse Quickly, Be Followed By Utter Rout / By Daniel Deluce ….. The War Today ….. Nazi Generals ‘Tried,’ Convicted, Hanged ….. Emit Ludwig Says Ike Should Govern Reich ….. Weather Curtails Activity in Italy ….. Hoard Jap Fleet For Home Fight – Nipponese Say It Can’t Be Risked Elsewhere; People Hear Emperor’s Plea ….. Congressional Medal Awarded Fortress Pilot ….. McNair’s Son Killed ….. Yanks Race On; Caen Line Bent – Allies Drive 5 Mi. In German Hinge; Nazi Stab Crushed, 107 Tanks Kod – Bitter Fighting On For Ports in Brittany ….. Hengyang’s Fall Claimed by Japs ….. Allied Drives in France Excite the Moscow Press ….. Unscarred Monument to Nazi Flight ….. A Brilliant Advance ….. A Valiant Crew ….. Unusual Pets ….. Hash Marks ….. Straight From the Front / By Ernie Pyle ….. Army Poets – The Answer / By Margaret M. Lanigan ….. Officer Saves His Unit, But Dies Doing So ( Capt. Thomas C. Shields ) ….. Wounded Sergeant Warns Rescuers Off To Save Their Lives / By Earl Mazo ….. Notes from the Air Force ….. PRIVATE BREGER / By Dave Breger ….. Browns Lack Individual Stars, But Spirit Makes Up for Punch ….. U.S. Netmen Cop Team Laurels At Bournemouth – First International Match Of War Won by Army Trio, 45-43 / By Tony Cordaro ….. Minor League Results ….. Help Wanted–And Given Savold Beaten By Joe Baksi – Pennsylvanian Gets 2nd Victory Over Lee in Dull Contest ….. Jeff Cravath, USC Mentor, Joins All-Star Brains Trust ….. Yankees Send Joe Page To Newark Farm Club ….. Phillie Catcher on Mend ( Bob Finley ) ….. HOW THEY STAND ….. No Dugout Respite For Cards Should They Capture Flag ….. Colorado to Field Eleven ….. Heavy Titlist Vince Kozak Killed by Shell – Hazleton Battler Won ETO Fame in Rainbow Corner Ring ….. Seal Hurler Racks Up 2 Shutouts on Day Off Li’L Abner / By Al Capp ….. A Sign of Things to Come ….. NEWS FROM HOME – Truman Wants Congress to Do More Probing – Says Investigations Would Add to Body’s Power And Prestige ….. Sights U.S. Payroll Slash ….. Teddy’s Granddaughter to Wed ( Paulina Longworth ) ….. Second Red Cross Club Is Opened in Cherbourg ….. Radio Highlights ….. Back to Wall, but Hitler Still Goes on Dreaming ….. Six U.S. Outfits Given Citations – Honored for Outstanding Gallantry on D-Day In Normandy ( Second Ranger Infantry Battalion, the 299th Engineer Combat Battalion, the 743rd Tank Battalion, the 81st Chemical Battalion, the Eighth Infantry Regiment and the 146th Engineer Combat Battalion ) ….. Two Regiments Get High Praise ( 134th and 115th ) ….. Trolley Strike in 6th Day ….. Mikhailovitch Reported” Ready to Join With Tito ….. Female Curves Make Road Curves Really A GI Danger Area ….. Polio Vaccine Believed Found ….. N.Y. Secretary of State GOP Senatorial Nominee ….. Dallas, Ft. Worth Stay Wet ….. Terry & The Pirates / By Milton Caniff