The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 08 02 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 233 – Wednesday, August 2, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Tanks Fan Out South of Avranches – British Punch On In Caumont Area; New Caen Attack ….. Nazis Start The Sacking Of Warsaw – Russians Hammering Into Outskirts; Foe Falling Back Near E. Prussia ….. The War Today ….. ‘Strike’ Snarls All Philadelphia – City’s Transport Paralyzed As Every Employee Turns Up ‘Sick’ ….. 3 Ward Stores Closed By Strike in Detroit ….. Allies Close In On Florence ….. Manuel Quezon Dies ….. Allies Land 600 Mi. Off Philippines – Isolate 15,000 More Japs By Seizing West Tip of Dutch New Guinea ….. Photographer For Yank Killed ( T/3 Peter M. Paris ) ….. Vote Registration Is Automatic For Servicemen in 36 States ….. Patton Leading Drive? ….. WACs, WAVES – Attain Full Quotas ….. Heavies Range France, Paste Nazi Airfields – RAF Pounds Robot Sites; 9th AF Planes Batter Enemy Transport ….. Stilwell to Be A Full General ….. Post-War Peace Talks Set to Begin on Aug.14 ….. Chaplin’s Wife a Mama ( Oona O’Neill Chaplin ) ….. Hash Marks ….. East Prussia Ahead ….. Superior Fire Power ….. Have You Got One? ( Pets ) ….. Straight From the Front / By Ernie Pyle ( ordnance evacuation company ) ….. Army Poets – ‘Just Let Me Not Forget’ ( Cpl. H. H. Brimmer Jr. ) ….. This Is The Army ….. Notes from the Air Force ….. Private Breger / By Dave Breger ….. Sports Sidelights ….. 29th Division Athletes Win Honors for Normandy Feats / By Ray Lee ( 1/Lt. Forrest Ferguson, T/Sgt. Ed Houser, T/Sgt. Gurvis Collins, Cpl. Johnny Gillet and Capt. Tom Dukehart ) ….. Help Wanted–AND GIVEN ….. Purdue Replaces Columbia On Middle Grid Schedule ….. Lee Oma Upset By Willy Nitchy ….. Robinson Signed For Chicago Tilt ….. Welterweights Suspended ….. Idle Yanks Lose Ground As Brownies, Bosox Win ….. Minor League Results ….. Mack to Spend $1,000,000 On Shibe Park Renovation ….. How They Stand ….. Baltimore Enjoying Success at the Gate As Well as on Field ….. Brownies Get Chisox Catcher ( Tom Turner ) ….. Jersey Golfer Finds One Trap Unbeatable ( Frank Springmeyer ) ….. U.S. Engineers Rebuild Cherbourg Port ….. American Tanks Fanning Out In Area South of Avranches ….. Dinah Shore Now in London ….. California Now Is Getting Power From Shasta Dam ….. Silent Robot? ‘In Some Cases No Audible Noise’–Morrison ….. NEWS FROM HOME – Senate Group Calls Its Absent Members Back – Military Committee Will Meet to Act on Program For a Sudden Peace ….. Cupid in Cop’s Brogans ….. Legacy ….. Gas for GIs on Furlough ….. Price of a Cuppa Java Is Back Down to a Nickel ….. Radio Highlights ….. 6 Paratroopers Awarded DSC ( The Distinguished Service Crosses went to: Lt Col. Edward C. Krause. Green Bay, Wis. ; Lt Col Benjamin H. Vandervoort. Columbus, Ga.; 1/Lt Harvey J. Ziegler Jr., Bowling Green, Ohio; Pvt. John D. Bolderson. West Plains, Mo. ; Pfc Leonold Peterson, Viking, Minn. ; Pvt. Gordon C. Pryne, Empire, N.Y. Silver Stars were awarded to: Capt. Walter C. De Long. Battle Creek, Mich. ; Capt. James P. Manness, Meridian, Tex. ; Capt. Lyle B. Putnam, Wichita. Kan.; Capt. Alexander P Suer, Philadelphia ; 1/Lt. Charles E. Sammon, San Francisco: 1/Lt. Brock M. Weir, Marysville Cal.; 1/Lt. William T. Wilson, Litchfield, Ill.; 1/Lt. John H. Dodd, Richmond, Va. ; 1/Lt. Eugene A. Doerfler. Hayes, Kan.; S/Sgt. Harry Yachechack. Garfield. N.J. : Sgt. R. A. Sandel, Normanger, Tex.; Cpl. Connie Gibbs, Boaz, Ala. ; Pvt. Clyde E. Hein. Big Springs, Neb.; Pvt. John E. Atchley, Fayetteville, Tenn. ; and posthumously to Pvt. Dominick Vitullio, Erie, Pa. ) ….. P51 Pilot, Fortress Flier Are Awarded the DSC ( Capt. Nicholas Megura and 2/Lt. Thomas J. Dello Buono ) ….. Texas Remains In Turmoil on FDR Support – Democratic States Split After; County Sessions; State Meeting Sept. 12 ….. Cites Dewey Poll Strength ….. Dewey Wants Reconversion Action ….. 2 Negro Units Receive Eisenhower’s Tribute ….. Terry & The Pirates / By Milton Caniff