The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 07 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 207 – Monday, July 3, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Driving to Cut Off Nazis in Estonia, Latvia – Spearheads Peril Lines From Minsk – Reds 23 Miles From City, Threaten to Outflank It; 53 Mi. From Dvinsk ….. The War Today ….. Spangler Out, Dewey Aide In; GI Voters Hold Nye’s Fate ….. German Casualties In Last Six Weeks Are Set at 250,000 ….. President of Guatemala Quits; Generals Take Over ….. Siena Capture Believed Near – French Only 5 Miles From Inland Center in Italy; Fifth Nears Leghorn ….. Wallace Completes Visit In China, Leaves for U.S. ….. Kills Self in Prison Break ….. Uncovered Plot, Just One Of Many, Frees Nylon Hose for the Ladies / By Ben Price ….. 7 of Army Transport Crew Are Nabbed as Smugglers ….. More Quakes in Turkey ….. Big Guns Hold Nazi Armor Near Caen – Bridgehead Over Odon 7 Mi. Long – German Losses in Tanks, Men Heavy; Cherbourg Resistance Is Ended ….. Americans Lose 9,752 at Saipan ….. FDR Asks End Of ‘Senseless’ Trade Rivalry – Tells Monetary Parley It Creates Artificial Barriers To World Commerce ….. Dead Gunner’s Canine Pal Sent to Home in Chicago ….. Allied Heavies Twice Pummel Robots’ Bases – USAAF and RAF Team For Day Blows; Budapest Struck From Italy ….. Estonia, Latvia May Be Cut Off ….. Hidden Nazi Phone Wires Located by a New Device ….. Tells How French Helped Yanks Bag Hidden Nazi Strays / By Earl Mazo ….. Marine Officers Over 38 Now May Be Released ….. Honored for De-Fusing Live Bomb Stuck in Fort ….. Liquor Firm Accused ….. A Pail of Suds Is OK, But a Jar of Beer?-No ….. The Airmen Speak A Lingo Only the Fliers Understand ….. Staff is Named to Direct U.S. Rail Lines in France ….. FDR Signs ‘GI Bill of Rights’ ….. Pelley Accused By U.S. Witness ….. Home Front Opens Its Wallets, Bond Sales Soar Near Goal ….. Willow Run Plant Builds 5,000 B24s ….. Careering Trolley Saved From Crash by a Boy, 14 ….. Bottomless River ….. Good-Hearted Baker Saved by Customers ….. Nation Warned It Faces Added Pinch on Goods – More Shortages Forecast; All Male Labor Must Be Hired Through U.S. Unit ….. U.S. Gets Relief From the Heat ….. Lots of Hot Stories ….. Count Withdraws Suit Against Barbara Hutton ….. All Warnings Fail To Prevent Civilian Travel Jam for 4th ….. Naval Hospitals 85 Per Cent Full ….. Would Give Overseas Vets Preference on Cheap Jeeps ….. New Job Restrictions On; Production Records Topple – Output of Food In 3-Yr. Period Sets a Record – Freight Total Also Will Hit Peak; Strikes Increase Three-Fold, However ….. A Horse SongNot Donkey, Mind You-Is Barred by Radio ….. Norman Davis, Chairman Of U.S. Red Cross, Dies ….. Three-Way Advance ….. In the Fight ….. A Rebel Rebels ….. Wounded Nursed Back To Mental Health, Too / By Tom Hoge ….. They ARE Home Under Rotation Plan ….. This Is The Army ….. Notes from the Air Force ….. Ordnance Salvage Units Comb France for Stranded Vehicles ….. Says German Faith In Fortified Lines Must Be Vanishing ….. Getting Up in the World ….. Hans Crescent Fete on 4th ….. Patriots Tie Up Copenhagen in General Strike – Danish Capital Is Without Water, Power; Germans Battle Armed Citizens ….. 28 Infantrymen Receive Medals ….. Air Tested as a Means Of Holding Up Roofs ….. Help Wanted-AND GIVEN ….. U.S. Trio Gets Polish Award ….. Bracken’s Praise of Yanks Wins Cheers in Commons ….. True, Bombs Took Berlin Down a Peg ….. Ex-Congressman Flies P47 Against Nazis in France / By Ned Nordness ….. Advance North From Canton Is Begun By Japs – Nipponese Seek to Effect A Juncture With Drive South Along Rail Line ….. Army Training To Help in Jobs ….. Salvage Expert Sullivan Directs Cherbourg Repair ….. Thief’s Paradise ….. AFN, Baby Network No Longer, Marks First Birthday Tuesday ….. Terry and the Pirates ….. Twin Track Aces By Pap ….. Samson No Match for Segura As Pancho Cops College Title ….. Browns Stave Off Yankee Threat; Cards Win Two – St. Louis Nine And Chisox Beat Ruppert Rifles – Double Setback Drops New Yorkers to 3rd as Bosox Take 2nd ….. Major League Results ….. Redbirds Romp Over Phils, 8-4, Slap Bums, 8-3 – Bucs Split With Giants Then Stop Braves; Cubs Divide ….. Giants Send Cliff Melton To Jersey City Giants ….. ETO SPORTS MIRROR ….. Chicago, Pittsburgh Fives Enter National Pro Loop ….. Li’l Abner By Al Capp ….. ‘Bill of Rights’ Will Spur Grid Boom – Anderson, Former Iowa Coach, Says GIs Will Return to Campus / By Tony Cordaro ….. Four Freedoms Wins Brooklyn ….. Payne Whitney Entry Annexes Lassie Stakes ….. Minor League Results ….. Conn McCreary Injured In Automobile Accident ….. Favorites Are ignored In All-Star Game Draw – Shoun, Tobin, Weintraub Fail to Make Grade; Cards Place Six ….. Hogan Leading Open Golf Play – Dutch Harrison 2 Strokes Behind With 136; Sarazen Third ….. Bill Tilden Blasts Southern California Amateur Net Moguls ….. Fair Grounds Arsonist Faces Murder Charge ….. Blondie By Chic Young ….. Diane By Jean Baird ….. Male Call By Milton Caniff ….. Allies Chase Germans in Their Bid for Italian Ports ….. ‘Love Sets’ for Axis ….. EASY ON THE EYES ….. Fit to Be TiedAlmost