The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 07 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 206 – Saturday, July 1, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Allies Smash Back More Caen Assaults – Extend Arc About Town In Southwest – Nazis Report New Landing, Surge Inland by Troops Northwest of Caen ….. Bobruisk Falls, Reds Drive On for Minsk – Push Costs Foe 20,000 Men a Day – 110-Mi. Thrust in 6-Days Takes Russians Third Of Way to Reich ….. U.S. Breaks With Finland, Cites Helsinki-Berlin Tie ….. Germans Flee North in Italy in Headlong Rout – Allied Spearheads 18 Mi. From Leghorn; Enemy’s Resistance Collapses ….. Monetary Talks Begun in U.S. ….. Weygand Has Escaped Germans, Madrid Hears ….. General Dies in France, Tenth Lost to Germans Since D-Day ….. Heavies Pound Luftwaffe Nests ….. Wife Goes Republican, Leaves Farley Up in Air ….. 200-Billion Public Debt ….. Nazis Folded All Right, But It Was Unmusical ….. Observer States Allies Could Have Held Cherbourg ….. At the Battle of Crossroad 148Yanks Seized 300 Nazis, Lost Not a Single Man / By Earl Mazo and G. K. Hodenfield ….. One Day in Four in Normandy Is Nice, but It’s Always Damp / By Ernie Pyle ….. Service Chiefs Warn U.S. the War Isn’t Won – Marshall, King, Arnold Tell Nation Production Must Be Maintained ….. Nye Holds but 29-Vote Margin Over Ex-Legion Chief in N.D. – Stambaugh May Emerge As GOP Senatorial Nominee ….. Reich Claims It’s Making A New Deal With Vichy ….. It’s Summer in Tokyo At Least the Air Is Hot ….. 2 Burma Fronts Near a Juncture ….. Wine Barrel Hid Frenchmen’s Radio, Thirsty GIs Find ….. FDR Signs Bill Pledging Isles Full Freedom – Measure Gives U.S. Right To Philippines Bases; Saipan Yanks Gain ….. Patriot Joins Yanks’ As Scout, and It Was Good Day for Both