The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 05 22 nr 171 (PDF)



Vol. IV
8 pages

Article headlines in this issue are:

French Smash Through Hitler Line — Yanks 17 Mi. From Anzio In One Area — Outpost in Third Defense Belt Falls; 8th Gains In Liri Valley

Planes From 3 Theaters Team to Hit Japs’ Naval Base at Surabaya in Java — Inflict Vast Damage In 18-Hour Blow In East Indies

The War Today

Stuck Whistle on Train Blows Invasion Rumor (Bethlehem, Pa)

Jungle Troops Seize a Third Of Myitkyina — Mass Transfer of Entire Division by Air in Burma Revealed

Sacrifice of a Life for a Pal Wins Congressional Medal (Pfc Henry Gurke)

U.S. Super Bombers Soon To Hit Reich, General Says

Swathe Over Nazi Europe — Swoop Into Reich Strafing Everything in Sight; U.S. Heavies Hit Calais

Reported Back (Maj. Walker Mahurin)

2nd Front Units Massed in U.S. — Huge Forces of Troops, Equipment Set for the Battle of Europe / By Harold Hutchinson

German Booby Trap Nearly Gets Gen. Clark

Slight Gain in Giving Costs Reported by Miss Perkins

Gripsholm Sails for Belfast

  1. G. Wells Seriously Ill

V-Mail Outfit Clears ETO’s 100 Millionth

It’s a Letter Eisenhower

Penned for the Occasion

To Gen. Marshall

Naturalizations in 1943 Set Record, Biddle Says

Purple Heart for Reporter (Larry Meier)

French Prisoners in Hotel (Leon Blum, Edouard Daladier and Paul Reynaud)

Casualty Rate Shrinks

Duke Scoffs at Report (Duke of Windsor)

Two Communiques Daily

Doenitz’ Son Killed (Lt. Klaus Doenitz)

121 Krupp’s Buildings At Essen Damaged

Lull Continues On Soviet Front

Reds Test New Plane

‘Strafe-Bombing’ by Two P47s Blows Up a Bridge in Belgium (Lt. Col. Donald K. Bennett and Lt. James K. Bain)

‘Work or Fight’ Law Demanded — War-Navy Chiefs, Nelson Speak for Bill at Senate Hearing

Post-War Trade Plan Put Forward by Hull

Nazi Patrol in Sweden

ABSIE Starts Instructions to Undergrounds — Eisenhower Staff Member Tells Peoples to Get All Set for D-Day

Nazis Reported Massing Gliders on Channel Coast

Two U.S. Technicians Are Honored by Britain

Weds Miss Leigh Mallory

Eisenhower on Inspection Tour

Over: Two Asses 

Has He Any Left?

GOP Rejects Sen. Holm an In Coast. Upset — Morse Victor in Oregon; Write-In Gives Dewey 15 More Delegates

Adolf Regrets

AFN Radio Program

‘Support’ Bombs Fall 50 Yds. From Troops

Seamen Given Army’s Tribute — Eisenhower, Knerr Send Messages on Observance Of Maritime Day

Louisiana Officer Takes Oath Here as State Legislator

Ex-Tackle Is Blocked Out By Court in Divorce Suit

Chieto Club Meets Again

764,500 in Canadian Forces

Group Aids Family of Orphan It Sponsored; Fund Hits £58,000

Official Theater For Yanks Open (Scala Theater)

Dozen Rules Tell How to Squelch Panic in Combat

Russians Unveil Weapon For Plotting Enemy Shells

Dentist and the Drill To Go by Bus to the Invasion Toothache

American Pilot Helping French Fight Nazis Is Wounded, Seized

Top Notchers Make Up Army’s Band — Its EM Tooters Sport Weighty Galaxy Of Hash Marks / By Charles F. Kiley

  1. Africa’s First Oversea Fighting Men Reach Italy

    German Fighter Ace Killed (Commodore Col. Walter Oseau)

    Yanks Still Lead After 3-2 Triumph Over Browns Pirates Drop Reds From Second — Bucs Subdue Phils, Brooks; Cards Divide — Braves Best Redbirds, 4-3, But Gashousers Slap New York, 10-0

    After Many Long, Lean Years Casey Looks to Have a Winner

    Major League Results

    Champs Regain First After 6-5 Setback Friday — Chisox Drop 2 to Boston Despite Triple Play; Tribe Clips A’s

    ETO Sports Mirror

    Johnny Lujack Making Bid For Third Rambler Letter

    Terry and the Pirates / By Milton Caniff

    Navy Trackmen Cop Team Title In IC4A Meet — Indians’ Don Burnham Stars With Triumphs In Mile, Half-Mile

    Cyclones Annex Big Six Crown

    Fire at Churchill Downs Kills 9 Thoroughbreds

    Help Wanted —and given

    Mrs. Whitney’s Shut Out Put, on the Sidelines

    Predicts Grid Travel by Air — Jock Sutherland Foresees Pro and Collegiate Boom After War

    Dodger Eleven Gets Masterson

    Packers, Bears to Meet Skins in Pre-Season Tilts

    Tribe Outfielder Rejected

    Pensive, McCreary Unbeatable Duo

    Wright Mount Will Be Favored in Belmont

    Giant Farm Chief Hubbell Misses Camaraderie of Majors

    Willie Pep Notches 71st Ring Victory, Outpointing Rubino

    Landis Schedules Confab To Plan All-Star Game

    Delaware Track Abolishes Daily Double 

    Calumet Earnings Zooming to 2nd Record Year

    Widener Entry Takes Withers

    Who Goes There, at 19-1, Defeats By Jimmy By 4 Lengths

    Giant Farm Chief Hubbell Misses Camaraderie of Majors

    Engle Named to Brown Post

    Coyle New Handball Titlist

    Minor League Results

    Li’l Abner / By Al Capp

    Absie Speaks

    Wallace and China

    The Western Star

    Hash Marks

    Private Breger / By Dave Breger

    The Answer to a Flier’s Prayer — It’s a Crash Field on Channel Coast, Where Boys Who ‘Just Make It’ Get Royal Treatment / By Andy Rooney

    This Is The Army

    News From Home — ‘Bill of Rights’ For GIs Wins House Passage — More Benefits Are Added; Measure Returned to the Senate for Final OK

    Liquor Bill Voided

    Aussie Brides Face U.S. Court

    To Review Bundists’ Cases

    Train Derailed: One Dies

    Tornado in Iowa

    Seven Die in Crossing Crash

    Ex-Wife Sues Orson Welles

    Monetary Parley Planned

    Further Training Of Women Pilots Stirring a Battle

    Ann Corio Weds

    Marshall Field Sued by Avery

    15 Found Guilty in Utah Court Of Having 40 Wives Too Many

    Group Winds Up Hearings On a Single War Agency

    Army Reveals Some Data On Big New Ack-Ack Gun

    Upholds Employers’ Right To Discipline Strikers

    Navy Honors Briton

    Senate Group Approves Bill to Simplify Income Tax

    Wallace Off on His Trip To China and Siberia

    Mine-Pact OK Given by WLB

    Portal-to-Portal Pay Won

    By UMW; Daily Base

    Wage to Be $8.50

    Here’s a New Dodge-Dodging to Be Drafted

    Diane / By Jean Baird

    Male Call / By Milton Caniff

    2,000 Words a Leg?

    Chinese Foil Japanese Plans To Set Up New Supply Route — Violent Counter-Attacks Recapture Strategic Railroad