The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 05 17 nr 167 (PDF)



Vol. IV
4 pages

Article headlines in this issue are:

Pacts Signed By Allies on Civil Control — Norway, Belgium, Holland Will Regain Rule as Fast as Possible

The War Today

Smartest Salute Seen In Moscow—Churchill

Packard Strike Perils Output of Mustang P51s — War and Navy Department Chiefs Issue Plea to Detroit Foremen

One in a Billion (Cpl. Richard G. Greer)

Renewed Meat Ration Seen

Polish Ace Flying a P47 Adds Silver Star to Medal Collection (Capt. Mike Gladych)

Allies Massing Before Hitler Line After Shredding Gustav Belt; Hold Road From Cassino to Sea — Poles and Germans Battle Fiercely in One Sector

Falls 2 Miles Pulling In Detached ‘Chute, Then Lands in Sea (S/Sgt. Robert Givens)

Japanese Are Raided In North, South

Chinese Gain in New Offensive Planned at Quebec Conference

New ‘Bomb Japan’ Base Bared—by Enemy Raid

Spilling the Oil

French Fighters

Out Of The Ruins

Hash Marks

When a Yank Was a Novelty to UK. — Oldest Outfit in 8th Bomber Command Marks Birthday / By George J. Maskin

Notes From the Air Force

Army Poets

‘”Mid Pleasures and Palaces—” / By Pvt. Sam’l M. Fishkin, Co. ‘D,’ 373 Eng. (G.S.) Regt

Sports Sidelights

Help Wanted —And Given

The ETO Definitely Isn’t a Man’s World

9th AF Finals Start Tonight — Winners in 2-Day Boxing Tourney Will Compete In USSTAF Show

Eli Bulldogs to Play 7-Ganie Grid Schedule

Minor League Results

Shoun Pitches 1-0 No-Hitter — Tobin Is Loser As Reds Edge Boston Braves — Phillies Bow to Cards,ll-6; Dodgers Paste Cubs; Yanks Win

SHAEF Clowns Meet Dodgers

How They Stand (Majors)

Churchill’s Cousin a Marine

Li’l Abner / By Al Capp

Ludwigshafen Is Hit by RAF — Nazi Planes Again Raid British Coast; U.S. Forces Grounded

Consolidated Mess Now Restricted to The London Officers

25,000th Propeller (Remington Rand’s)

AFN Radio Program

P51 Pilot Is Now An Ace, a House at Home a 5-Striper

Russians Raid Nazi Junctions

Author Max Brand Killed By German Fire in Italy

Medic Says Priest Can’t Do Penance as Ordered

Build Single Military Force Around Navy, Gates Urges

Socialist Conclave Set

Allen Jenkins Back to Start Second Show Tour of ETO — Comedian Last Was Here In ’42; James Cagney Returns to U.S.

Says FDR Intrigued Stalin With Plan for ‘Free State’ at Kiel

900 Allied Captives Reach Barcelona for Exchange

Forces’ Version of ‘Our Town’ A Big Hit; Held Over to May 27 / By Tom Hoge

News From Home — Chaplin Freed In Second Case — Civil-Rights Indictment Is Dropped, but Paternity Suit Will Continue (Charlie Chaplin)

Natural Gas as Motor Fuel

Prisoner Totals Shrink

150,000 to 200,000 More

Maestro to Pfc (Pfc Peter P. Fuchs)


Newspaperman Found Innocent (Frederick Wright)

Winant, Harriman in U.S.

No ‘Harvest Furloughs’

UMW Urges Holiday Work

Terry and the Pirates / By Milton Caniff