The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 31 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 128 Friday, Mar. 31, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Reds Seize Cernauti, Carpathian Gate – City a Center Of Rail Lines Into Balkans – 250,000 Soviets Attacking In Twin Central-Front Thrust, Nazis Say ….. New Order Bans Diaries In the ETO – Censorship Circular Says All Must Be Turned In; Rules Re-Defined ….. Thousands Hail Yanks as Army Parades Its Might in London ….. U.S. Bag in ’43: 9,463 Planes in Aerial Combat – 1,579 More Knocked Out On Ground, Stimson Says; USAAF Loses 2,885 ….. Allies Cut Off Japs in Burma – Retreat Road Is Blocked By Daring Thrust, Seizure Of Enemy Base ….. Rail Yards Hit In N. Italy, Sofia ….. Polish Ace Wangles a Leave, Takes It Fighting With P47s / By Andrew A. Rooney ….. Nazis ‘Stopped’ Allies At CassinoStimson ….. Zhukov ‘Comes Home’ With Cernauti Seizure ….. Here’s What Went Wrong at Anzio – Bad Weather, Allied Hesitancy Factors In Stalemate / By Ned Nordness ….. AMG Follows Army in Italy To Relieve Civilian Distress / By Fred Van Pelt ….. A Jack the Snipper Put Behind Tougher Locks ( Elmer Manney ) ….. GOP May Center Its Attacks On Roosevelt Foreign Policy – Shift in Strategy in Wake Of Democratic Victory In Oklahoma Seen ….. Writers Divided On Forecasts of Fall Vote Results ….. Benny Goodman Breaks Up Band, Takes a Vacation ….. Chaplin Aide Battles to Focus Spotlight on Joan Barry’s Past ….. 1 Death Causes a Second