The Stars and Stripes – London 1944 03 25 (PDF)


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Vol. 4 No. 123 Saturday, Mar. 25, 1944
Articles’ Headlines: … Nazis Occupy Rumania as Reds Near – Bulgar Ports Reported in Enemy Grip – Envoy Says Reich Insists It Seized Hungary to Balk Allied Invasion ….. Inspecting the Men Who’ll Do the Job They Planned ….. Churchill, Eisenhower Watch Sky Show by Airborne Yanks ….. Forts, Libs Hit France, Reich Again – Schweinfurt and Frankfurt Pasted; Luftwaffe Stays Down; 3 Bombers Lost ….. This Tells Gunner He Gets $225,000 Inheritance NOW ….. Montgomery Hails Invaders ….. AL Post Against Getting Lit When the Lights Go On ….. ‘Many Cassinos’ Before Rome, Returned General Warns U.S. ….. Soviets Isolate 2 Strongholds – Proskurov Is Virtually Cut Off; Reds 12 Mi. From Pruth and Rumania ….. Resist the Germans, Hull Tells Hungary ….. Roosevelt Calls For Help for the Nazi – Oppressed ….. Safety Posters Produce A-1 Results at Big Depot ….. Traffic Violators Face Speedy Courts-Martial ….. Surgeons Are Stars in Movies Recording War Medical History ….. Reparations ….. That Poetic Crunch ….. Crazy Over Horses ….. Kaiser to Build 30 Cargo Ships For East Indies – Says Vessels Will Be Ready ‘In Time to Figure In Reconquest’ ….. Long Time No Sue ….. Joan Tells Jury How Chaplin Wowed, Wooed and Won Her ….. Allies in Burma Push Back Japs – Nipponese Ousted From 3 Positions Which Had Cut Road in India Drive ….. Truk Outposts Bombed